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Only 20 motorbike riders were available to provide consumers with on-demand bike trips when Gojek first began in 2010. The Indonesian company soon distinguished itself from its competitors by forgoing cars in favor of motorcycles and scooters to avoid severe traffic bottlenecks. The Gojek app’s services got comprehensive & hassle-free thanks to this amazing innovation. Later, the business expanded its offerings to include food delivery and courier services. Gojek introduced its official app in 2015 along with GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. The Gojek Application, Indonesia is your one-stop shop for paying bills, placing restaurant orders, ordering takeout, purchasing cinema tickets, sending and receiving parcels, making digital payments, and much more! We strongly advise you to develop and introduce a Gojek Clone App Development if you run a multi-service firm and wish to scale growth.

It is a tried-and-true solution that will continually produce exponential profits for your business, as you know from what you read above. Moreover, working with professional developers to create a Gojek clone app will help you succeed as a business owner.

Gojek Clone App Development Business Model

Gojek operates under the super app business model, allowing users to access numerous services from a single website. So rather than using two additional applications to mail packages and make movie reservations, a user may use Gojek to fulfill both of these tasks.

The super app approach saves consumers’ time while providing a more useful service. This business strategy yields outstanding results because consumer patience has significantly decreased. Clients attempt to finish assignments as fast as possible as a result.

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Significant Features That Immediately Put You Ahead in Your Business Race

Face ID or fingerprint login

The Gojek clone software may be launched via a fingerprint scan or Face ID on an Android or iPhone smartphone. This trait is unique. With the addition of this capability, all issues related to remembering usernames and passwords during app login have been resolved.

Online video chat session

The feature is a blessing for us, especially those who are elderly, have some kind of injury that restricts them to travel, are busy moms, and working professionals. The users now have the opportunity of scheduling instant online video consultation sessions with adept professionals who are subject-matter experts, such as:

  1. Personal academic tutors
  2. Doctors
  3. Lawyers
  4. Astrologers
  5. Psychiatrists
  6. Fitness trainers and yoga instructors

Delivery Drivers Have the Option of Video Calling

App users can now video chat with The Delivery Genie, their preferred service provider. The Delivery Genie may call the user while they are making their in-store purchase or after they have confirmed it. The user can see and accept the things on the video discussion before instructing the Genie to make the transactions.

Once the session is over, the users’ pre-saved credit card will be automatically charged for the consultation fee for lawyers, psychiatrists, and even astrologers! It is the ONLY accepted form of payment for this feature, which explains why.

Before, users who registered for the Gojek-like app had to choose between going to the hospital for treatment or having doctors come to their homes to treat patients. After an hour-long session of meditation and soul-soothing exercises, yoga instructors were hired on an hourly basis to visit users at their homes.

Making a bid

The Gojek clone app now allows users to post task details for requested services and receive real-time quotes from carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, home cleaners, and sanitizing and disinfecting agents! Then, based on their budget, online ratings, and reviews of the service providers, the User will select the Best Bid!

The process includes

  • Requested Task Category
  • Location of Service/Residential Address
  • Budget
  • Particulars of the Requested Task
  • Ideal Time and Date

The user now needs to click the “POST” button! The user is immediately informed that the task request has been posted successfully on the app, and an invitation is sent to all interested handymen in the user’s neighborhood! Now the user must wait for the bids to arrive! Only interested service providers who are hesitant to deliver their services for the price stated by the user will submit an offer! Under “My Bookings,” under the “Bidding” section, the User can view all the bids. The service bidding process or virtual negotiations begin here!

Do you desire multi-million dollar returns on your smallest investments?

if your reply is Yes, The best multi-service app is Gojek in that case.

The New Version of the Gojek Clone, the most comprehensive on-demand multi-service app in the world, is now available to help you expand your company from a fledgling idea to a thriving empire. Within 5 days, our team can launch your very own Multi services app under your brand. Your consumers may experience the simplicity of access for more than 101+ different services in the app thanks to the availability of all the languages and currencies of your choosing in the app, as well as your selected Payment Gateways.

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