Gojek Clone

Business like Gojek thrives and blossoms regardless of the Covid-19 Induced Market-Instability only because this App offers 70+ On-Demand Services Online through one single platform. The Shiny pristine Glaze on top of it is its Highly-Nuanced and Progressive Features. But the reason why Entrepreneurs worldwide are going gaga over this Gojek Clone App is because under the Commission Business Model, the App Owner stands to earn Commission on every single order placed through the App. And this Commission charged is a certain percentage of the Revenue Earned per Order that the Service Provider is legally bound to pay the App Owner.


This is going to be one long journey, my Friend! My Fellow Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

You have to first decide your Target Audience and do an Intense Market-Research of what your Potential Customer wants the most, which Services are in vogue and in highest demand. Then, accordingly decide what all Services and Features you’ll stack up your App with!

But wait, you have to code the App first!

I want you to hire an adept team of Proficient Executives who have an impressive Resume with years of field experience. You need them to create the essential App Development Components such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel.

But who are they? Who are these Highly-Skilled Professionals?

They are Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

Why 7-8 years? Now when you have the Team?

It is because your Team will need at least 3-4 years to get a Working Model of the Prototype ready. Add to this, a couple of more years in Perfecting the App and making it Bug Free. By the end of the 6th year, you’ll have a Fully Functional App ready but you can’t launch unless you Beta Test it for Six Months followed by thorough Market-Testing that will easily increase the timeline to 8 years.

Why would it cost you a Quarter of a Million Dollars?

These White-Collared and Highly-Experienced Employees demand and deserve Six-Figure Pay checks every single month. And remember, you have to keep paying them for these 8 years. Count in contribution to Provident Funds, Financial and Medical Incentives to keep the morale of the Team high.

Add to this the Infrastructural Costs of renting an Official Premise, monthly Electricity Bills, Municipal Tax and Annual Maintenance Fees. And did I mention Subscription Costs of the software that your Professionals will need? Along with the software, you have to provide your Employees with State-of-the-Art Equipment to produce quality results.



This is a reality. The Ultimate Truth. You can go live with your Customized, Fully-Functional, Market-Tested and Mature App in just 7 days! It is so because they have spent four years in creating this Masterpiece wherein 16 App Developers and 4 Project Managers worked round the Clock and had put in their heart and soul into creating the most Advanced Gojek Clone.

Even the 3-4 Days that they need is simply to Customize their Base App with your Preferred Language, Currency and Payment Gateway. They’ll rebrand your App inside out so that no one in the world will come to know that on demand app development company has Coded and Designed your App. They’ll even change the colour-theme of your App & Websites to match with the colour of your Company’s Logo.


Buy a Ready-made Powerful Gojek like App and go live in just under a weeks’ time. You are not only saving time but the Cost of the Pre-Built Products will be peanuts when compared next to the Gigantic figure of a Quarter of a Million Dollars! Have you always dreamt of running a Successful Business? Do you daydream to be on the Cover Page of the Time Magazine for coming up with the Multi-Billion US Dollar Entrepreneurial Idea of this Decade? Then contact app development company right now and browse through their Demo Apps for free and for as long as you want. Place an order and see the money rolling from the first day of the App Launch itself!

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