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The time is ripe for you to launch your very own. Entrepreneurs and Customers are both smitten by this App because it offers 70+ Unique and Diverse Services through one single platform. And what serves as Cherry on Top is its Profit-Centric Business Model that allows the App Owner to earn Commission for every single order placed and Service Rendered through the gojek like app. The App Owner can switch to Subscription Plans instead to rake in Profits wherein the Service Provider has to make a One-Time Payment by buying a Subscription Plan of, say, a month and bid adieu to Commissions per Order.

What All Service Gojek Like App Offers?

Instant Taxi Booking via the iWatch, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, getting goods and Parcels couriered within the city, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines and Stationeries, hiring a Personal Shopper to run errands on behalf of the App’s User. 

I Can’t Even Call It The Starters!

Because there’s more! Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Beautician, Lawyer, Interior Designer, Yoga Instructor, Personal Academic Tutor and Fitness Coaches. However, you can also avail Services of Classic Car Wash, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Maids and Security Guard. This App is an All-Rounder! Does the User need to get the Television Set repaired or the Mobile Phone? Just say it, this App has a solution to everything! It will even get your Sofas and Carpets Repaired!

gojek like app

Business Like Gojek Has Given A Befitting Reply To The Pandemic Blues!

How? By launching and incorporating Covid Safety Measures as Features into the App. That will ensure the well-being and the health-security of both. The Service Providers as well as the Users. It had become the need of the hour because this lethal virus had crippled the Global Economy. Had dug millions of Graves and had a paralysing effect on the Small-Entrepreneurs. This Air-Borne Virus had stomped upon the lifeline of Taxi Drivers and Restaurant-Owners. When their Sales crashed because nobody was placing online orders anymore.

The Lingering fear Of Contracting This Virus

Customers dreaded the thought of even stepping out of their homes let alone book a Taxi with no certainty of its hygiene standards! The Fear-stricken people had a valid reason to be at such unease and in a constant state of anxiety! They didn’t want to contract this Virus from a Delivery Driver who might be either an asymptomatic Covid positive patient or act as a carrier of this Virus. Because this Virus can live off of surfaces for at least 8 hours. They feared that the Food/Grocery/Parcel Package itself might infect them with this life-threatening virus.

Now I’m Going To Talk About Gojek Like App’s Ultra Modern features

1. Instant Taxi Booking via Apple Smart Watches! 

This feature is exclusive for iOS Users. The App User can book Taxi Rides and even pay online using one’s iWatch! All that the User has to do is connect the Smart-Watch with the iPhone 12. And ensure constant Wi-Fi connectivity to both the smart gadgets. Now the User has to download the Rider’s App in the iPhone. And simultaneously Taxi Booking iWatch App will get installed in the iWatch! Now you are ready to use the coolest feature of a Multi Service App like Gojek!

2. Reducing the Number of Passengers Per Ride

Complying with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covid Safety Guidelines, the App Owner had decided to allow just two Passengers per Ride for Mini Cars. This was done to ensure Social Distancing. WHO had clearly stated that mankind’s only shield against this deadly virus is Face Mask and Social Distancing of at least Six Feet.

3. Book Taxis/Food/Grocery via App’ Website

The Users can directly Place Orders or Book Taxi Rides through the Website itself. Not only this, those who have no access to either a smartphone or Internet can directly call the Admin Dispatcher Panel and place the request for a Taxi Ride/Food and Grocery Delivery. Now I call this the most Ultra-Modern and Futuristic Feature of this Gojek clone app wherein an Individual has to simply wave one’s hands up in the air to Book a Taxi Ride.


Powerful Gojek like App is stacked with pioneering features such as a four-digit Numeric OTP Verification for Service Providers before they could start the Task, Taxi Drivers have to upload a Selfie with the Face Mask on and wait for Admin’s approval without which the Ride cannot Start, and many more. This App is your Golden Ticket to a land of infinite wealth and fortune. Do you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to make easy and quick money ethically? Then Contact the app development company right now and go live with your very own Gojek Clone App in 7-10 days!

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