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To manage the house and work both is a challenging task. Doing laundry, cleaning dishes, vacuuming floors, the list is exhaustive and endless. Wouldn’t it nice if you have help to hire to complete these chores? Witnessing “ I don’t get to enjoy Me time” issues, entrepreneurs are thinking to develop GoGet Clone App.

What’s So Cool About The GoGet Clone App?

It is the on-demand multi-service app that allows the user to avail house-hold and handyman related services from your home. With the pandemic hitting, making “Work From Home” mandatory taking care of the house, cooking, kids, and work have been tough. With most of the professionals frustrated about what to do. Thus the On-Demand technology connects and mends the issues by helping people be organized in their daily lives.

Why Choose To Develop GoGet Clone App?

The GoGet App originally is made for the Malaysian market to help part-timers to earn a decent income by taking up a variety of jobs available on the platform.  Working busy professionals hire part-timers on-demand app in Malaysia. For running errands, deliveries, grocery shopping, managing corporate events, servers/waiters, and so on. The app platform offers perfect opportunities to earn money in their spare time.

If you are looking to launch an app like GoGet it can be the best option because:

  • The GoGet Clone App acts as a bridge between your users and the part-timers On-Demand in Malaysia. Thus connecting it quickly and conveniently.
  • The clone app is offering convenience which everybody loves, thus it is obvious to get lucrative returns from the app
  • The app comes integrated with smart features that automatically does the verification. And the background check for those who applied as part-timers On-Demand Jobs in Malaysia
  • The app automates the entire business operations thus manages the entire workforce seamlessly

Services Rendered By GoGet Clone App

When developing an app like GoGet, consider several competitors, the demand for multi-service app, the location where you are going to launch it, and so on. You can include the following services in your GoGet Clone App:

Catering services

The user can hire the catering staff, event manager, servers, and waiters on-demand

Food delivery

The app allows the customers to order food and get it delivered right to the doorstep

Home service

It allows the customer to hire professionals for varied house-hold chores such as electrical work, plumbing, painting, carpeting, etc.

Shopper service

The customer can hire a personal shopper to shop and deliver

Temporary office staff

The users who want someone to mend the front desk for few hours. Or take up the admin task for a week, can be hired through this app.

Essential features of GoGet Clone

Easy, quick, convenient, transparent are the USPs to have in any form feature that you integrate into your GoGet Clone App.

Browsing service categories

The customer can search the categories and choose depending on the work and budget requirements. The category will display the availability of the gig workers.

Hiring part-timers On Demand

The user gets to review the profile of the part-timers on-demand based on their specialty, quotes, location, work ratings, and history.

Real-time tracking

Once the order is placed, the user gets to review the gig worker on a real-time basis thus getting update regularly

Multiple payment options

Once the task is completed the user can make the payment using secured multiple payment options like Credit/Debit card, Google Pay, Wallet, Paypal, etc. Also, it allows pre-paying for the services.


Running your own business is a dream of many budding entrepreneurs but it really takes much more than just dreaming. To make GoGet Clone App successful it will require considering several things – right from market research to target audience, launch location, preferences of the users, and so on. Also, the technicalities will matter in making the app successful thus hiring a professional app development company can be a huge benefit.

Before you buy GoGet Clone App, take the demo and know the functionality. Once you confirm the app performance on both the OS platform, the development team will provide you with a white-label ready to launch solution.

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