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You’ve been considering starting a business for a while now, but don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to determine what kind of business you want to start and whether it’s possible in Nigeria as well as how to use the Gojek Clone App as a platform for your new business.

What is the Gojek Clone?

On demand multi service app is a popular mobile app that allows users to order and pay for any kind of service such as food, taxi, grocery, medicine etc. Gojek Clone App has been created by Go-Jek for the Indonesian market and is one of the most successful apps in Indonesia.

Why do you need to start your own business using this app?

If you are not yet in the business but want to be, this app is perfect for you. You can start your own company similar to Gojek today in Nigeria, and it will be one of the top companies in 2021. The goal of this app is to provide jobs that can help build a better future for your city, country and your community around you.

How do I start my own business with Gojek Clone App in Nigeria in 2021?

There are so many ways to start your own business in Nigeria. One of the ways is by purchasing the app called Multi Service App from BuyGojekApp, which allows entrepreneurs to create their own business within 7 days.

How much does it cost to start my own business with App like Gojek in Nigeria in 2021?

The cost of starting your own on demand multi service business with Gojek Clone App in Nigeria in 2021 varies depending on the services and infrastructure you want for your app business. This amount is also based on how many people you want to hire in your business.

How do I generate revenue with my own business using the clone app in Nigeria in 2021?

There are two ways you can generate revenue from your business. One of them is a subscription fee and the other one is a commission fee.
You can earn commission for every service done through your app OR you can ask all service providers to do a subscription on weekly OR monthly basis and earn some fixed amount from each provider. You can decide on your own which business plan you want to execute.


With the growing population of Nigeria, there is a very high demand for transportation service providers. The goal of this article is to provide information on how to start your own business using Gojek Clone App in Nigeria very soon.

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