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Do you know which is the greatest on-demand platform with a wide range of services like booking a taxi and hiring a masseuse? Well, it’s the futuristic Gojek Clone App.

This all-in-one mobile app offers top-notch services and integrates cutting-edge features for enhanced user experience. Entrepreneurs looking to launch a Gojek-like app should consider this solution for investment.

Let’s start learning about the most important and highly-adored features of this app like Gojek.

Ultra-Modern Features of a Gojek-like App

Look at the features that are gaining loud applause for the on-demand multi-service app.

Manage multiple credit cards

This app allows customers to easily manage multiple credit cards, selecting a default card for purchases and payments for services such as food delivery, rides, and on-demand mechanical services.

Customers can use this feature to manage their cards and choose to delete one, set it as the default, or add another to make the payment. In conclusion, making online payments through the app will become simple for users!

Video calling

The Gojek Clone app allows customers to start a video call to the delivery or taxi driver. This is an over-the-internet call thus, there are no additional telecom charges that they need to pay! 

Using this additional form of communication alongside in-app chatting and voice calls, they can communicate in a better way. Also, as it is an over-the-internet call, the caller’s or receiver’s number isn’t displayed on the screen.

In-app push notifications

The in-app push notifications are graphically illustrated and are an incredible way to provide order/service status updates to users. Because of this feature, your consumers can easily obtain information about the service they have booked in the form of messages such as order placed, order on the way, order picked up, etc.

Moreover, all of these messages pop up as notifications with attractive icons.

See multiple photos and videos of items

The Gojek Clone app stores and restaurants add multiple photos and videos of items, dishes, their workspace, and more. Well, this feature’s main goal is to give users a better and clearer image of the product they are purchasing.

In short, by scrolling through photos and videos, they will be able to understand what they are purchasing.

OTP verification to start a new task

Every service now requires OTP verification because it ensures the user’s security and safety. The four-digit number or OTP is instantly sent to the user’s phone number as soon as they confirm the service booking.

When the service provider reaches the location, they need to enter this four-digit code to start the task.

Well, these are only a handful of features that are integrated into the system. If you want to explore more, get a demo application.

Trying the demo of the Gojek Clone app will give help you understand if the solution is right for you or not. Here, you can comprehensively check the workflow of the application plus test each and every feature available.

In addition, after testing the app, you will know where you want to integrate the branding, which color theme you want, which language and currency to add, etc.

In Conclusion:

Sunning up, launching a Gojek Clone app in 2023 with all the tending features will take your business to the next level.

It will help you to offer an enhanced customer experience, increase your productivity, and altogether elevate your profit-earning easily.

Get your hands on the market’s best on-demand multi-service app solution and start the development.

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