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What is the point of starting a new business when you have nothing extraordinary to offer? Save yourselves from launching a business similar to others in the market. Give clear-cut reasons to customers why they should choose you over others. The question is how you would do that. By integrating numerous on-demand services into the Gojek Clone App, you can develop a fully-fledged business. 

Multiple On-demand Services of Gojek-like App

The app offers 82+ on-demand multiple services from diverse genres like logistics & transportation, medical, handyman, etc. Let’s get to know some of the top-notch services your new business must have.

Taxi Booking Services

The taxi booking service is similar to Uber. Your customers can enjoy booking and scheduling a taxi ride in a single click! The app offers multiple services like booking a carpool, rental, or hail a ride.

Interesting facts about taxi booking service:

  • There are several COVID-19 features to make the rides safe and comfortable for the riders. Facemask verification, safety checklist, ride cancellation, and restricted passenger limit are some of the COVID-19 features of the Gojek Clone app.  
  • Customers can also book a taxi ride via their iWatch app.
  • A panic or SOS button is available.

Medical Services

The medical services allow users to book a video consultation with doctors, and nurses, book an ambulance, get Blood/Plasma from authorized Blood Banks, etc. These online medical services are best when one is in an emergency. Moreover, the powerful app allows you to get every medical service at your doorstep.

Interesting facts about medical service

  • Customers can book an appointment with the pet’s vet at the clinic.
  • Blood is delivered to the doorstep in a medical emergency from the nearest blood bank.
  • Customers can easily book an ambulance and track its location in real time.

Online video consultation

The Gojek Clone app service enables customers to book consultation sessions on a video call with professionals. Customers can book or schedule video calling with doctors, tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, and even astrologers. This service makes it convenient for customers to consult with professionals without having to visit them physically.

Interesting facts about online video consultation

  • Service providers can quote their prices.
  • Money is debited from the customer’s linked credit card after the consultation service ends.
  • The customers can choose their preferred service provider from nearby using the filter.
  • While booking the service, customers can add additional instructions to help the provider.

Service Bidding

Bidding for handyman services allows the customers to negotiate in real time through the app. They can start negotiating with handymen and hire ones who offer a win-win situation. It is a relatively cool service that many mobile apps don’t offer. 

Interesting facts about service bidding

  • Service providers can make an offer if they don’t feel that the set budget fits their desires.
  • Payment can be made with credit cards directly.
  • To come to a favorable negotiation, customers and providers can start a chat.

Parcel delivery

Customers can now deliver parcels of all sizes to local areas through the Gojek Clone app. Here, customers can add one pickup location and multiple drop-off locations. Additionally, based on the size and weight of the parcel, customers can select a cargo vehicle. 

Interesting facts about parcel delivery

  • Choose a preferred delivery vehicle – car, cargo, truck, two-wheeler, etc.
  • Customers can track the parcel’s location in real-time.
  • Rate and review the driver.

In Conclusion:

On a concluding note, the Gojek Clone app is the on-demand multi-service platform that allows the customer to book 82+ services. From taxi booking services to hiring a beautician and sending parcels, customers can do anything they want to in a snap of a finger.

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