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Mobile apps are used for everything from booking a taxi to finding nearby hospitals to simply video calling someone. What else? Even entrepreneurs from around the world are investing in multi-service apps such as Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 and making huge profits.

Overall, by launching an on-demand multi-service app, you can easily boost your business. It will hardly take one to two weeks of your time to launch the app, and only a fraction of the amount will be in your pocket.

Let’s see why it is high time to launch a multi-service mobile app for your business in 2023.

Benefits of Investing in a Gojek Clone Mobile App

If you want to boost your business, you can get these benefits by launching your application.

  • Give 24×7 access to your customers: your users can easily book 101+ on-demand services via the application.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: this service will enable you to offer 100% satisfaction to your customers.
  • Provide personalized services: your app users can opt for more personalized services, be it beauty services, taxi booking, etc.

Apart from these perks, the KINGX PRO 2023 app also enables you to generate more income and build customer loyalty!

What Do You Get with an Advanced Gojek Clone App?

Listed here are the many service components of the advanced Gojek-like application. Each of these components is designed to help you offer excellent comfort and convenience to your app users.

KingX Pro 2023


Users who want to travel from one location to another can post a ride and offer carpooling services to other users. The user who is posting the ride should also mention the price they want to charge per seat and the number of available seats in the vehicle.

To search for rides, the user only needs to enter the date & time, the starting and ending points of the journey, and hit the “Search” button.

Users can earn money from every single seat that is booked via the app.

On-demand medical services

Through the KINGX PRO 2023 app, your users can book several medical services with just one click. They can get doorstep medical services such as medicine delivery, online video consultation with the doctor, booking a home visit, etc.

Also, the users can book an appointment with their pet’s vet via the app.

Taxi booking

Users can book taxis online along with other services such as taxi rentals and taxi pools.

Through this service, they can book the ride by choosing the car type they prefer the most. Also, your users can select the payment method they want.

Users can track the live location of the driver on the map, place an in-app call, schedule a taxi ride, and also book the ride via their iWatch!

Online video consultation

KINGX PRO 2023 app allows users to book or schedule an online video consultation with professionals.

The users can book the on-demand service after comparing the profiles of many professionals, and seeing their availability, ratings & reviews, etc.

Once the service is over, the billed amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s linked credit card!

Service bidding

Service bidding makes it easier for the users to find handymen like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. near them. 

The users can compare the profiles of the handymen bidding for the service and negotiate with them in real time. Once they find the best provider for the job, they can simply click on the “Book Now” button to hire them.

Hire Genie & Runner

Using the KINGX PRO 2023 app, your users can easily hire a delivery Genie and Runner.  A delivery Genie is someone who will purchase the items from nearby stores that the user asks them to and deliver them to the user’s doorstep.

On the other hand, a Runner is a professional who runs errands for the user, such as delivering lunch boxes, and documents, picking up stuff, etc.

In Conclusion:

The advanced Gojek-like application can help your users book 101+ services as and when they want!

It is high time that you invest in the advanced KINGX PRO 2023 app. With this pre-built app, you can launch your own business in just one to two weeks.

So are you ready to conquer the on-demand multi-service industry? If yes, then get the app today.

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