Gojek Clone 2023

The all-new and upgraded Gojek Clone 2023 is finally here with 7 new components that will make your customers go ga-ga! If you are an entrepreneur who already has a Gojek-like app or even if you are planning to launch one, you cannot miss out on these components.

In this blog, let us get to know these components that will help you make more money. These components come in addition to the other existing services like online taxi booking, hiring professionals, online video consultation, service bidding, etc.

What’s so Exciting about These 7 New Components?

These components are designed to make your app even more valuable to your customers.

Why do customers use a multi-service app? Well, the simple answer is that it helps them book more than one service using a single application. And by adding these components on top, you will be able to offer them more useful services, right from the same platform.

To give you a gist of what these components behold for you, imagine that you are the app owner who is now offering services like buying or selling, renting, tracking vehicles, etc. Now, customers who have already used your app will use the same platform for these services rather than shifting to single-purpose apps!

Gojek Clone 2023 – The 7 Mind-blowing Components

Listed here are the 7 new components that can help you earn extra money!

Buy and Sell Real Estate

This component will allow your users to buy or sell real estate (properties) through the application.

Here, the customers can post free ads on the application and interested buyers can connect with the seller for further discussions.

How will you, as the app owner, make money? Well, if the real estate seller wants to boost their ad and display it on priority, they will have to purchase the plan.

Say, they purchase a 1-month plan for $50. You will earn $50 from it and in turn, their ad will be displayed 1st (above free listings) for a month!

KingX Pro 2023

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Under this component, your customers will be able to buy, sell, or rent general items like home appliances, furniture, mobile phones, laptops, etc. The seller or one renting the item will be able to list the item on the Gojek Clone 2023.

Say, the customer lists out an 8-seater mahogany wood dining table. To display it on top of all the other listings, the seller can buy the paid plan.

Suppose the cost of a two-month plan is $100. The amount will be straightaway credited to the app owner’s account and for two months from the date, the ad will be displayed on priority!

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Your customers can easily buy, sell and also rent cars on the app.

The seller can simply click on ‘New Listings’ to post a new ad on the application. If they want to sell their car on a priority basis, then they can purchase the paid plans. This will help them display their ad as ‘featured’ above all the other listings until their paid plan expires.

This will help you as the app owner to make money on every featured listing in this category!


The Gojek Clone 2023 allows customers to travel economically from one place to another. For example, a customer is traveling alone from their current city to another that’s 260 miles away.

Now, using this component, they can list their ride and offer a carpool facility to their peers. While listing the ride, they only need to add the start point, destination, date & time, number of available seats, and the price they will charge per seat.

Anyone who wants to travel to the same destination can book the ride, pay the customer in cash/card, and travel together.

You, as the app owner will be able to earn commissions on such rides!

Search Nearby Business

Under this component, your customers will be able to see all the nearby restaurants, shops, stores, or any event.

By clicking on the option, they will be able to see more details like

  • The description of the restaurant/store/event
  • Distance of the place from the customer’s current location
  • Location on the map
  • Opening and closing time
  • Available offers and discounts
  • Call facility

Besides these, the customer will also be able to book a taxi ride from their current location to the restaurant/store/event with a single click.

Moreover, if the restaurant or store is already registered with the app, they can click on the “Order Now” button and directly land on this shopping page.

In other words, with this Gojek Clone 2023 component, you can directly go to the page, browse through the items, add them to the cart, and checkout by confirming the payment!

Tracking Family Members and Employees

This Gojek-like app component allows your users to track their children’s buses. Family members of employees of a registered organization can also track the ride using this app.

First, the school or the organization needs to register itself with the system. Then, they will be able to register the students/employees and the drivers by adding their details on the app.

Say, a school registers itself under this component. Once they are registered along with the students and drivers, an invite code is sent to the parent’s registered phone number.

Using that code, they can set up their profile on the app. An OTP will be sent to the phone number to verify the profile.

After the verification, the parent will be able to see their child’s profile with the option of live tracking.

The live tracking service comes in handy for parents who want to know if their kids have reached school or home safely!

In Conclusion:

What are your thoughts about these 7 new components of the Gojek Clone 2023 app?

Aren’t they simply mind-blowing? Well, by integrating them into your app, you can earn hefty amounts of profits along with the existing components.

What’s stopping you from upgrading to these futuristic services? Get the app today and launch the multi-service business easily in just 1 week!

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