Gojek clone app solutions

Intelligent business people like you unquestionably favour the Gojek clone app solutions for two main reasons. First, every order delivered or service provided through the app results in a commission payment to the app owner. As a result, it becomes your money-making apparatus. Second, due to its highly intuitive fundamental nature, this fully functional, market-tested app is feature-rich and constantly reinvents itself.

What Makes Gojek Clone First Choice For Multi-services Business?

The app comprises of advance features that are made free for the entrepreneurs which are usually charged by the other app development companies.

Lifetime license for one domain

With the lifetime licence that our company gives you for 1 domain on which the app is release for free, you can enjoy full control of our brand and your app.

White-labelling the app

We want you to be the sole owner of your app. For this reason, we provide white label apps that are launch using your company’s credentials and bear your logo and brand name. We eliminate all references to our business from the app.

82+ On-demand Services within one app

Enjoy the independence of earning money through more than 82 different services. The script app for the Gojek clone has each service built in. You can easily modify the settings from the admin panel if you’d want fewer.

14 Pre-integrated payment gateways

We’ve already incorporated 14 payment gateways into the app to make sure it works flawlessly everywhere. You can select whichever you’d want to use, and you’re good to go.

Free Upgrades for 2 years

We guarantee that you will receive two years of free app updates for the Gojek Clone. Just let us know when you want the improvements, and we’ll take care of everything else!

25 Multi-languages and currencies

With the help of the Super app’s multilingual and multicurrency options, transcend global borders. We’ll enable the languages and currencies of your choosing on the app for you.

App submission in the Play Store/App Store

The app development team will take care of getting your software into the iOS or Android app store, so don’t worry about that. It is made sure that no technical issues result in the app being removed from the app stores.

Book services via website, phone calls and app

Don’t limit your users to the app only. Hence, we made sure that your users could contact you via phone, as well as website for booking Taxi, Moto, Single Parcel Delivery & Store Delivery, etc.

Generate Profits Using Gojek Clone App

Profit greatly by using our pre-built Gojek clone app, which offers a variety of services on-demand. By digitising your multi-service company, you can let your clients take care of all their needs with just one application. The most recent features are included in our ready-to-use Gojek clone app solutions to aid in the expansion of your business.

You can choose from more than 82+ different services, such as taxi service, package delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, tutoring, dog walking, maid services, beauty services, plumbers, and more. Earn a large commission for any services that are hired via your app.

Do you have any questions for us regarding KINGX 2022, the largest super app in the world? Since we are here to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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