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2023 is all about new opportunities and possibilities. Well, let’s make it worthwhile for you and your entrepreneurial dreams. How? By starting your own business in just 1 to 2 weeks! It’s possible to establish an entire on-demand business in not more than two weeks with a well-written Gojek Clone Script! 

The clone app script is the perfect way to launch a fully-fledged on-demand business. With this solution, you can enable your customers to book 101+ services by installing a single app. And, on the other hand, you will be able to make more money as commissions per service!

Now, isn’t that a win-win for you and your customers? 

Launch a Successful On-demand App

You can cater to millions of customers’ demands every day with this app. Crammed with the market’s latest and most advanced features, this app fulfills the demands of customers of all ages, be they a kid, adults, or elders! 

Option to choose from multiple services 

The Gojek Clone Script is designed and coded to offer 101+ on-demand services like taxi booking, parcel delivery service, hire car washers, etc. 

Thus, the multiple service options make this platform an all-in-one solution. The option to choose from a wide range of on-demand services makes customers’ lives easier. It gives them the comfort and convenience of one-click service booking. 

Also, the quick response and delivery make the platform the most sought-after solution to fulfill all the needs of your customers. 

Ratings/review option 

As an entrepreneur, you wish to offer only the best to your customers. 

And, to ensure that your brand name doesn’t offer a ‘not-so-satisfactory’ user experience, it has the rate & review option. 

This feature enables customers to verify a service provider’s quality. Ratings and reviews provided by other customers can be seen on the provider’s profile. 

Thus, when you purchase the Gojek Clone Script, make sure this feature is pre-integrated at all costs! 

Schedule appointments 

Appointment scheduling is something that people most commonly prefer to do. If the customer wants service at a later date and time, they can schedule the service. 

The service provider near the customer’s location will be notified about the request. And, depending on their choice, the provider can accept it. 

After their acceptance, the scheduling will be confirmed and the customer will be able to receive the service at the booked date & time. 

This facility is best for those who like to pre-plan their time! 

Smart & secure payments 

Secured payments enable customers to make online transactions easily on the app. 

To ensure that your customer’s security isn’t compromised, the Gojek Clone Script allows developers to integrate payment gateways. 

Integration of these payment gateways depends on the region the entrepreneur is launching the app. Also, the app allows you to integrate wallet-based payment models so that customers can transact online in one click. 

Advanced reports and analysis 

Not just you customers, but you can also use the advanced report feature of this app to enable you to – 

  • See the number of services completed via the app 
  • Service providers registered 
  • Payment collection 
  • Pending services 
  • Online payments 
  • Commission earned 

In Conclusion: 

On a concluding note, if you want to start a multiservice business in 2023, get Gojek Clone Script. 

To find the best script for your app development, approach only a well-established white-labeling firm!  

Choose to go with a firm that has more than a decade of experience in the field and has launched more than 1320 apps already! 

Get assistance only from the best in the industry and see your business boom in a blink! 

So, get the app today!

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