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Need house cleaning? Few taps on your phone and it’s done. No time for buying groceries? Placing the order through the app and the task is taken care of. With pandemic hitting, and people are force to stay at home. This is the right time to launch a home services app clone. A cloned app? Well, there are greater benefits of having made a clone app for your business.

Why Developed Book Home Services App Clone?

You find the idea lucrative to offer multiple home services to your citizen. But developing a clone app is what you don’t feel like. We tell you why it is a good reason to do so.

An app like Book home services is replicated from its original app concept. This means the clone app is inspire by the original app but, not copied.  Developing an app right from the scratch is not only an expensive but time-consuming process. It takes time in testing and getting a bug-free app solution and on the other hand. The Book home services clone app is a ready-made solution, tested bug-free thus making it a very cost-effective option for those who are starting fresh.

The book home services app clone is build on the latest technology stack with similar navigation and look but carrying your brand and logo. Also, the clone app will be white-label license source code allowing you to customize features and hassle-free scalability.

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Functioing Of Home Services App Clone

The functioning of the app easy and convenient. 

  • The app asks users to login using social media login or can create their profile by entering basic details. 
  • Once the user completes the registration formalities, the app splash screen appears offering a list of categories like full home deep cleaning, post party cleaning, office cleaning, commercial space cleaning, water storage tank cleaning, etc. 
  • Once the user chooses the cleaning service, the app matches it with the criteria in terms of ratings, images posted if any pricing, and work history.
  • User selects the service/services that they require and then further proceed towards the booking page. The page offers you multiple payment options to choose from to confirm it.
  • User gets notification from the service provider confirming the “booking request” 
  • The home service provider and the user can chat internally through in-app chat facility or a phone call for any confusion/question 
  • Upon the completion of the job, the service man confirms by “task completed” and the user gets notified 
  • The user and service provider both gets to give feedback of the experience. 
  • The details of the invoice summary is shared with the user.

 Wrapping Up

Developing an on-demand home service clone app is once for an all investment – a business that is going to stay with you forever. Hire a mobile app development company that is experience in building an on-demand apps. Get your research done and let the mobile app developer team know about what kind of on-demand home service app you intend to make. 

Get the demo before you purchase on-demand handyman service app. The benefit of connecting with a white-label solution company is they are professionals that work with complete transparency, offering 100% genuine clone solution. The team will stretch an extra mile in giving you home service clone app that exactly fits your business requirement. The success and the satisfaction of the client is what the team believes in thus aims to build a long-term work relationship by developing an on-demand apps that are successful and profitable. 

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