Gojek clone

Gojek Clone App is already famous for carrying 70+ On-Demand Services within its fold! Thousands of Entrepreneurs have launched this App in the past few years itself and have successfully expanded their Business across many Country Borders. This only indicate that the App holds a solid Market Reputation and is popularly chosen against other Ordinary On-Demand Apps!


The existing Apps like Gojek that are successfully operating in the On-Demand gig economy say that this App will keep your Business’s Reputation intact. How? Let’s See!

Protection against Coronavirus

Your Market Reputation remains unchanged, rather it only elevates as by opting for the App, the Entrepreneurs get an assurance of timely Updates! For Instance, when the Pandemic hit the grounds and wreaked havoc on humankind, the App introduced Covid-19 Safety Features! A handful of these Features are:

  • Taxi Drivers need to undergo Face Mask Verification before they could start the Ride. The Drivers need to upload their Selfies wearing a Face Mask on the App and only then they can Slide Start Trip!
  • The Riders and Drivers need to confirm the Safety Checklist before Requesting or Accepting the Ride Request. This List includes several Advisories like wearing a Face Mask; sanitizing your hands before & after the ride, etc.

Safety against Security Breaches

Gojek like App follows some exceptionally safe Features that ensure No Security Breaches happen on the App. For Example, Local Payment Gateways are use in the App so that every transaction happens under Safe Hands!

The App Users can Add Multiple Credit Cards to the App and pay using them. Well, some might think that it can lead to Data Theft. However, that’s not the Case. All the Credit/Debit Card Information is save in the Safety Vaults of the Local Payment Gateway Company. In short, no Data is save on the App or its Database.

On the other hand, with the Brand-New KINGX 2022, the Big Brother of Gojek Clone, another Security Feature is introduced.The User now No Longer has toremember Passwords and Usernamesor login using their Social Media Accounts. Logins are now secured with your Touch ID and Face ID.

The App Updates Itself With Time!

With updates in the Technology, the App also brings forth Newer and Advanced Features like:

  • In-App Video Calling

App Users can now use Video Calling Feature along with In-App Voice Calling and Chatting. This will help the Users easily communicate with the Service Providers regarding the On-Going Job!

  • Taxi Booking via the iWatch App

Online Taxi Booking just got easier with the iWatch Taxi Booking App. iPhone and iWatch App Users can take utmost advantage of this Feature. Once the User has installed the App on their iPhone, the Gojek Clone Taxi Booking iWatch App automatically gets installed on the Smartwatch! The Users can now use their iWatch to Book the Taxi, Add Pickup and Drop Location, View Driver Details, Make Payments, etc.


Then, start your Journey towards becoming a Millionaire with KINGX 2022. Get the Gojek Clone Script Rebranded and Customized by the White-Labeling Experts!

Launch your own On-Demand Multi-Service Business in just 7 Days! Look for a Pre-Built and Mature App like Gojek and get Started Today!

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