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Are you on the hunt for an affordable business solution that would easily fit in your budget? Pause right here. Because the Gojek clone app is the perfect solution for you. But how is it more affordable than other apps? First, this robust app is pre-built. Second, the app has already flourished with the latest technology and features that you need not spend a single extra penny. If you are new to the concept of ‘pre-built solutions’ then, let me explain to you what it is. 

A pre-built solution is already-made. Therefore, the entrepreneurs don’t need to build the app right from scratch. The base app is ready for white-labeling. Under white labeling, the application is rebranded with the entrepreneur’s company name and logo. The multi-services app is also integrated with the entrepreneur’s preferred language and currency. All these pre-integrated and pre-built items save a lot of time and money, trust me! 

gojek clone


As I have said, this all-in-one multi-service app is a pre-built solution. This means that the entrepreneur gets to save a lot of money that they otherwise would have spent on: 

  • Hiring and training the human capital 
  • Pay six-figure salaries to the employees every month
  • Spend on their provident fund, insurance, bonuses, etc. 
  • Buy or rent the office premises 
  • Purchase electronic gadgets so that the team could work on them 
  • Purchase expensive software license and tools

The total amount of building a multi-service app can scale up to USD250,000. Moreover, if we consider the time taken to build an on-demand multi-service platform from scratch, it easily takes up to 7 – 8 years. This just doesn’t make sense right? Therefore, it is best to keep out the hassles of designing, coding, beta-testing, and market-testing the app by simply opting for a ready-made solution. 

But, how will this gojek clone app make the entrepreneur earn more? 

The answer lies in the two profit-centric business models and the revenue-generation methods. The business models are: 

Commission on every service

Here, the service provider pays a certain percentage of the income earned per service as ‘commission’ to the app owner. Since the multi-services app has 82+ on-demand services to offer, income doesn’t only flow from the source but 82+. The commission is earned regularly, making this model the most preferred one amongst the entrepreneurs. 

Every service earns the entrepreneur a market-relevant percentage. Therefore, the profit generated will be no less than billions and millions! 

Subscription plans

Gojek clone app also lets the entrepreneur earn income from subscription plans purchased by the service providers. Each subscription plan is curated by the app owner, making them the sole decider of what price they wish to charge. There are more than one subscription plans that the service providers can choose from. All of these are priced differently according to their time validity and the features offered. 

Once when the subscription plans are nearing the expiration date, the app owner can send mass notifications to the entrepreneur reminding them of plan renewal. If the provider forgets to renew the plan on time, they stop getting the service requests. 

Other than the two profit-centric business models, the entrepreneur makes money via in-app advertisements and surcharges. 


So, what do you think about becoming a billionaire in the shortest time possible? Yes! That can happen just by launching Gojek clone app! Get your hands on the demo apps and try them for free for as long as you want to. 

Launch the app today! 

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