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Can you picture performing all or a lot of jobs on a single platform? How easy was that? I am, in fact, referring to on-demand services. And think of how much easier it would be to use a single on-demand app to access all the services. Well, the fact that your buyer doesn’t care how you set it up makes it simple for the customers. They just want to use their phone to make decisions by pressing a button. All they want is to have their requests met as soon as possible, if at all feasible. An entrepreneur can provide hundreds of services with our multi-service app like Gojek. Instead than downloading many apps to meet their demands, it will help consumers work less. Gojek will fulfil all customer needs and has the capacity to include a variety of services.

Continue reading the blog if you want to establish a company like Gojek. You will learn about the enigmatic features of our on-demand multi-service app similar to Gojek.

How To Launch An App Like Gojek?

To start a multi-service business, it is important how it will be executed.

Research in detail

It is crucial to plan out how it will operate before you begin to build. Take a look at each of the rivals. Using some reliable references, ascertain the preferences of customers both now and in the future. In these sections, nothing new has been introduced. Everything depends on how successfully you can deliver the services. It might be a method, an attribute, the user experience, or something else along these lines. Therefore, you must delve deeply into this situation.

How it will benefit to your users

Along with making a lasting impact with the aforementioned items, pay attention to the fundamental services and characteristics that you shouldn’t overlook incorporating into the solution. We may use the services that are provided by that corporate behemoth if we are using Gojek as our aspirational model.

Preparing a business model

Create a strict business plan with all the successful tactics included. Identify all the potential firm contributors, whether they will be making direct or indirect contributions. In your multi-service business, items like important partners, assets, user segments, value propositions for each of them, critical activities, channels, the company’s pricing structure, and other things come to mind.

Opting for the right platform

How to create an app similar to Gojek is the next stage. In order to construct the solution, you must choose a platform. There are many untapped potentials. What a business’s needs and priorities are will determine which is better than the other.

  • Native App
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Cross-platform Apps

Additionally, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate technologies and construction methods while creating an app like Gojek. What end users are you aiming for? That also depends on whether Android or iOS is chosen as the platform. Which one is promising given your budget is another consideration. Here are some more platform features for businesses that should be included, as well as some user-focused additions.

Customization of the features

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Implementing right features that are beneficial to your users can establish your app in quick time. Also, integrating new range of features and components will immediately put you ahead in the competition. This includes Online video consultation, Service bid, Taxi booking using iWatch App, Driver reward features, Login using Face ID and Fingerprint, New UI/UX of sign-in and signup process, Back to back trips, Location-wise promo codes/push-notifications and more.

Technology used to develop app

What technologies are being used and what do you need to add to your app? There are numerous capabilities and features available, allowing you to use different technologies for powerful On Demand applications.

Monetization methods

  • The service providers, stores, restaurants in order to increase their sales, several companies partner with Gojek, which levies a modest commission on each order that is successfully completed through the app.
  • It charges commission on every order processed using the app. Additionally, this includes delivery commission, cancellation of the ride/deliveries, etc.
  • Subscription fees also adds up to your earnings.
  • Delivery partners and the individual driver each receive a small commission for the deliveries they make.

Final Wrapping It Up

Today’s most popular app industry is on-demand multi-service app solutions, and An App like Gojek let you do everything. This type of business can build a sizable network of relationships and significantly increases profit. App Development Company can assist you if you require a team to create powerful software like this.

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