Super App like Gojek are ruling the on-demand world. Offering customers a multitude of services that every business owner is looking to launch a gojek clone script . 

Multi Service App encompasses a wide range of services that includes Taxi Booking. On-Demand Delivery Services, and Other Services from a single app. It started with the introduction of the Uber App that made it clear about the new type of On-Demand Apps will be ruling the market. 

Firstly, Gojek originated from Indonesia launched in 2015 and reached 30 million downloads in just 2 years. It was offering only Moto rides to the people which eventually broadened its horizons by offering a multitude of services on the go. Secondly, The business model has shown the world that it is possible to provide multiple services under a single platform and that’s how on demand multi service app made its entry.

How Gojek Clone Script Helps Kickstart Your Multiservices Business

The best part about this Super App is it is readily available script. The script solution of Gojek is scalable and white-labeled allowing entrepreneurs to customize accordingly. 

The On-Demand Multiservices App assists you in bringing your business the kind of visibility that you have craved for. The reason today majority of the business owners are literally after developing the on demand multi service app solution is:

It’s a white-label script

The Gojek Clone is a 100% White-label App Solution allowing you to make modifications depending on the changing business environment.

Business-friendly app

Your All in one service app has a smooth interface that allows navigation easy. However, The app is great to use even for non-technical people who haven’t been familiar with using the apps.

Offers speedy service bookings

The app has a robust connection. above all, The panels are sync well with each other that instantly passes on the messages. Thus, it immediately alerts the respective service provider in fraction of a minute. Thus, the USP of instantly connecting and acceptance enables you to attract people immediately.


It has a responsive design that quickly adapts to any digital device offering a pleasant shopping experience to the users. Also, the app is available on Android and IOS platforms thus. The end number of users, service providers and drivers can signup without any hassle.

New Exclusive Add-ons

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting driver’s fraud
  • Re-assigning delivery driver for the delivery orders
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings 
  • One store can be list under several categories
  • Advanced rating flow for food items and delivery drivers
  • Location wise banners
  • Location wise push-notifications
  • Advanced and detailed service search
  • Cookie consent
  • SKU Code for store items
  • Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Great for multi-purpose businesses

Developing a single niche application and maintaining is costly and time-consuming. You will need to buy different apps which is a tedious thing rather than having 70+ OnDemand services under a single app and you are sort.

Additionally, the Gojek Clone App has a dedicated Admin Panel that allows you to keep an eye on every business transaction that happens on real-time basis.  Similarly, No need for hiring resources, your business can be handle easily from sitting in one place. 

The app lets you receive customers’ feedback, and reviews highlighting their experience using your app. Based on that you can make modifications, add/remove the services or improve to boost your app performance. 

Looking at the present marketing trends investing in an On-Demand Multiservices App is the best idea. With the responsive Gojek Clone Script, moreover, your Multiservices business is all set to launch in the marketplace in no time.

In Conclusion, Connect with an app development company to get the Best Gojek Clone App. This will ensure that you have a flawless On-Demand App with Features adding even more uniqueness to your business app. To clarify more discuss your app project with the app development company’s representative and take the discussion ahead.

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