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Today’s busy lifestyle demands quick services. Nobody has time today to wait for incessant hours in order to receive different services. Thus, to ease this major worry of the busy professionals today. The Gojek Clone app came into existence in the year 2010. 

Primarily created as a ride-hailing and ride-sharing app. The solution did not take time to realize the needs of the customers, i.e., of a want of quick services. This, in turn, led them to shift their services from mere ride-sharing and ride-hailing  to providing over 52 major services like beauty, massage, car wash, food delivery, grocery delivery, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing, etc., to name a few to their customers and save the woe of customers, i.e., of downloading multiple apps to avail of the services. 

multi services app

The single app has some of the most stand-out features like manage appointments, push notifications, book now or schedule for later, multiple payments, etc. That, in turn, have made it easier for service providers to automate their daily organizational activities. And the customers to smoothly book the services and receive unique services. Wherever they may be located and thanks to the immense popularity of the solution among the customers and service providers, both. Many budding entrepreneurs have gone on to incorporate similar solutions for their on-demand service industry like the gojek clone.

About the Multi Service App unique features

The customers as well as the service providers to assist them in receiving and providing unique on-demand services. 

The solution is customizable and built using a modifiable source code thus ensuring that the owner of the on-demand service industry can modify the solution based on the changing needs of their multi business, customers, and the region where they launch the solution, is responsive in nature, which means that the solution can be accessed across platforms like android, iOS, etc., and contains location integration and secure payment gateways to make it easier for the service provider and the user to track the locations of each other and help the user to make the payment in a safe and secure manner and ensure that their payment-related details remain safe and secure and do not get disclosed. 

Some other unique aspects of the Gojek clone App are that

It contains social media integrations to help the user and the service provider to log in to the solution smoothly. Through their social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. And finally, possesses an interactive admin panel. To assist the business owner to keep track of the progress of their solution. And the activities of the users and service providers, and manage the commissions earned by them, all at the same time. 

Thus, through all these factors, gojek clone becomes a blessing in disguise for the on-demand service industry. As it helps them greatly in automating the operations of their on-demand service industry. Along with providing smooth services to their customers. And assisting the service providers to deliver unique services and automate their daily organizational activities. Help the customer to receive services at the comfort of the destination of their choice. And it is a must-have if you want to transport your on-demand service industry towards heights unseen by others.

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