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There is an app for cab booking! An app for groceries and food ordering. There is an app for calling a beautician And you are looking for one more on demand super app for professional dog walking services! Whoa! That’s a lot of clutter. For any ordering or services, you will login-place the order, make the payment, log out and go to another app. That too exhausting. Why not give them all-inclusive?  Build Gojek Clone App. 

What Makes Gojek Clone An On demand Super App?

You will find All in one service app everywhere but what makes this multi-service app different from the rest is our advanced level features:

Delivery Genie

It saves you from the hassles of visiting one store to another. Delivery Genie is an “On-demand Delivery Expert” that provides you with doorstep delivery. All you have to do is provide the expert with the list of items you wish to buy and the “Genie” will buy as per your given instructions. 

Booking services via website and phone call

Not everyone knows how to use an app and not everyone will have a smartphone. To make sure that you don’t lose your customers, they can place the orders through the website or a phone call. The order once place will provide with the notification and confirmation thus reaching the deliveries to your customers on time.

60+ Services under one app making it On Demand Super App

The Gojek Clone App comes integrated with on-demand 60+ services that customers can avail of on the go. Thus, no more cluttering the phone with different apps. The clone script can easily accommodate multiple services like taxi booking, food delivery, an appointment with the beautician, a calling babysitter, and much more in few swaps.

Safe shopping experience

People hesitate to go out. With the fear of catching the Covid19 Virus, customers are preferring to place orders online. To ensure that the customers have a secure and safe shopping experience, the Multi Service App comes integrated with COVID19 safety features including:

  • Face mask verification
  • Safety badge
  • Safety checklist
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Online payments
  • Take away options
  • Ratings and reviews

Gojek Clone App Is Business Ready App

Is it business ready? Yes, Gojek Clone App is a ready-made solution with 100% customization available. This multi-service app is built on the latest technology, hence it is scalable to accommodate your growing business requirements.

Since it is developed with white-label source code, it hardly takes time to tweak. Once you have placed the order after taking the demo, the app development team starts white-labeling placing your brand logo, company name, matching your color themes. The entire process takes a maximum of 5 days to develop and launch in the Play Store/App Store. Furthermore, for any changes in the future, you can modify, add or remove the features, themes, and so on without any technical assistance. 

In The End

Gojek Clone App has become the talk of the town. Every entrepreneur wants to launch and become a millionaire but that not how it should work. That’s not how your business starts making a profit. It will when it is integrated with new version 2021 features. 

Gojek Clone Script is an incredible solution that comes with a plethora of services. With the ways the on-demand delivery and services are provided, the Multi Service App proves to be a boon for your customers. With one app your customers can order a cab, place grocery orders, book beautician appointments, and get the service at the doorstep. 

To be different, you must focus on implementing user-centric apps. Have a simple, easy-to-use design with basic navigation that makes it easy for your user to place an order. This is a ready-made app solution that makes it easy for startups and entrepreneurs to launch their on demand multi-service business in just 5 days.

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