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The need of catering to the on-demand requirements of the customers is growing. However, showing no signs to stop, shoppers love the convenience and comfort these on-demand apps bring. Hence, witnessing the lucrative income it brings to the business, the tycoons are building a multi-service Gojek Clone App.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone Script is a customizable on-demand multi-services app. Additionally, it covers over 60+ multi-service deliveries, services, and mobility solutions all available under one roof.

Firstly, The on-demand platform has exceptional features like social media log-in, in-app chat, multiple payment support, referrals, rating & reviews, etc. Secondly, That brings uniqueness to your multiple service business. Thus, transform and automate your multi-service business with on demand App Development.

What Services You Can Provide With Your Gojek Clone App?

Building a All in one service app can enable you to provide innumerable multiple services from a single app. Here are the services that you can include in your GoJek Clone App:

  • Taxi booking feature
  • Carpooling/ Ride-Hailing and Ride Sharing service
  • On-demand logistics and parcel delivery services
  • On-demand sanitization services
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Stationery services
  • On-demand food delivery services
  • Baby-sitting services
  • Tow truck services
  • Beautician and massage
  • Medicine delivery services
  • Handyman services
  • On-demand road assistance services
  • Dog walking services and much more

Customize your multiple services as per your business requirements. Thirdly, The app allows you to add/modify/delete as much service as per your needs.

How Does Gojek Clone App Works?

Most Importantly, GoJek Clone App works in three different phases – On-demand Delivery, Hire Service providers, and Transportation service

On-demand Delivery App Services

If your user wishes to order services like grocery, pharmacy, water-bottle, food, flowers or similar can order through Gojek Clone App.

The user has to choose the service from the suggested category and place the order. Make a payment online. Once the order is confirm, the store owner sends the confirmation and despatch the items through the delivery driver.

The delivery driver takes the order and delivers it to the doorstep. Furthermore, the user is ask to provide feedback and ratings.

Transportation/ Taxi services

In other words, If the user wants to book a taxi ride, or a moto bike ride they will choose this feature from the app.

The user has to fill in the pickup and drop off location and send confirmation by making payment online.  After that, The nearest driver will get the request and confirms it.

 If the driver wishes to cancel the ride, he/she has complete freedom. Hence, once the ride has been complete the driver and the user both can give ratings/feedback.

Hire A Service Provider

If a user wishes to hire a service provider like a baby-sitter, car washer, beautician, dog walker, massage and more can choose from this listed category. The category then will display the nearby service providers and provide you with the list based on quotes, ratings, work history, location, etc.

The user places the order by making payment online. As suggested the service provider will arrive at the suggested place and time. Hence, once the task is finish eth app ask for feedback and generates an invoice.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, Reach out to a leading GoJek Clone App Development Company. However, make sure that the app development company has years of experience in developing on-demand clone app. Therefore, discuss your concept with the team, get the demo so that you know about the app on real-time basis.

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