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The internet world is always changing. The pandemic has caused people to adopt strict behaviors that are now the norm. Following the pandemic, it has become customary to buy most products online. As a result, a large number of on-demand applications have been released on the Play Store and App Store. Not all of them, though, are successful in reaching the user’s smartphone. Consumers adore products that are simple to access, hassle-free to use, and delivered to them very quickly. All of these questions and many more may be answered by super apps like Gojek.

What Is Gojek Clone Application?

A pre-built solution that is ready to go live on the market in a week is the Gojek-like App. Around a hundred on-demand services are available through the script solution, all of which may be customized to fit shifting market circumstances.

Since it is a white-label solution, you can alter the logo, color schemes, pricing, functionality, etc. following your preferences without seeking technical assistance.

Latest Components That Cuts The Competition

A Super App has a dynamic admin panel that allows the app owner to manage the app and all of its features, including the ability to add or delete services, set prices, restrict user access, and more.

The on-demand multiservice app is completely customizable, offering businesses the opportunity to adapt to shifting consumer tastes and market trends.

The BASE APP is made up of the features listed below:

  • Taxi, rentals, and a taxi pool similar to Uber
  • Package Delivery for Send Anything
  • Order groceries, food, and other items
  • Online video consulting
  • On-demand services
  • Bidding for services
  • Hiring a genie or runner

The New Paid Components

Buy, Sell, and Rent Real-estate

Consumers can advertise their real estate requirements here. Customers who want to submit their ads have the choice of the Free or Premium Plan alternatives. Users of paid plan packages can have access to increased visibility, more leads, and quick transaction closing. Also, the app administrator will benefit because they will earn money from it.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Via this component, users will be able to post their requests for buying, selling, and renting cars. Once they have selected a few cars, the users can browse the listings that the sellers have posted and further interact for one-on-one chats. The following 10 categories are available for posting by users: Sedan, Luxury, Sports car, Convertible, SUVs, MUVs, Cargo truck, and Hatchback.

Because the buyer may readily get in touch with the seller for more information, there is no longer a need to pay “Brokerage/commission” to the brokers. Those who purchase one of the premium plan packages can use this module to advertise that they are wanting to buy, sell, or rent cars. The classifications of this component are flexible. If you are the app’s owner, you may use the Admin Panel in this section to add up to 10 Vehicles Categories.

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Technology improvements have made it much simpler to buy and sell unwanted items. The module has areas for electronics, lawn & garden tools, stationery, sports equipment, office supplies, and more. The results of their searches might be shortlisted by users when they access the listings. The functionality makes it easier and more practical for two users to interact and carry out transactions for renting or buying common things.

The tool also gives your customers access to “Premium Listing,” which enables them to quickly complete their transaction by purchasing the listing and having their adverts shown in prominent locations. Paid commercials generate more leads since they are more visible, which enhances how clients regard the company.


Those that are thinking about carpooling may find it beneficial to use this component. With the help of this module for peer-to-peer ridesharing, your client can upload their itinerary along with a few basic details. These consist of the departure time, the place, the date, the number of open seats, and the price per seat.

Those who are interested must confirm their interest by paying for the ride using in-app payment options.

By joining carpools, it gives your consumers the option to split the cost of their journey. You will receive a sizable payment for each travel because more individuals are using ride-sharing services, which improves revenue generation.

Medical Services

Users can easily access medical treatment with the aid of this module. Users can make connections with neighboring veterinarians, ambulances, and other services, schedule in-person or online video consultations, get prescription medicines, and more. The app’s proprietor will receive a substantial commission for each service provided via it.

Explore Nearby Services

The information about surrounding businesses will be available to users of your service like the live Yellow Pages, in that respect. Users can search nearby establishments while traveling, including bars, gyms, spas, and salons. They can also search for shopping, nightlife, libraries, malls, and other establishments. By using either the app administrator’s free or paid plans, business listings can be created. Those who purchase premium plan bundles give the app money.

10 categories maximum can be modified and added by the app administrator via the admin panel.

Tracking Family Members/Employees

Install the app on friends’ and colleagues’ phones to see their Live Positions on Google Maps in real-time. There are times when you might wish to know where a member of your family is. In a similar vein, a business would like to keep tabs on employees while they are at work. This tracking feature is useful for providing their Live Locations. Nonetheless, staff personnel and family members can turn off tracking features when not required.

Final Thoughts

Super Apps have gained commercial attraction and enable business owners to offer on-demand services. Our outstanding Gojek Clone App user interface, as a well-known service provider in the market, provides flexibility and scalability, but most importantly, it generates steady passive income for your company.

Within ten days, your app could be made available. Our Super App 2023 is set up so that you can start earning money as soon as you publish it. The Plan Package includes rebranding the base App with your organization’s name and logo. Regardless of where you are from, we will use your native language and currency for the benefit of your customers.

Get in touch with us right away if you’d want more information on how to launch and set up an app, our reassuring after-sales support, includes free yearly upgrades, payment milestones, and even license restrictions.