On Demand Multi service Gojek Clone App

How do you plan to win the competition if you don’t have the fitting mobile application? To be honest, you cannot win until you haven’t perfectly coordinated your business goals with the foundation of the app. For example, your business goal is to earn one million in profit in the first quarter. In that case, you need to select the Gojek Clone business model that nets you the most profits – commission on every service. Taking such precise decisions on every service will always give you an upper hand in the market.

How to Develop a Well-customized App for Your Business?

If you want to develop an app that is exclusive to the market and fulfills all your business requirements, then here’s the perfect guide for you!

Get to know your audience

Developing an app without knowing your audience will be the biggest mistake of your life! It is the first and most important step when planning to develop an app for your business. To study your audience, make a questionnaire that will contain everything you’d want to ask your target audience. For example:

  • Would you want to have one single app with 82+ services?  
  • What features do you expect to see in the mobile app?
  • What are your expectations from this app?

Asking these questions and other detailed ones will help you understand the Gojek Clone app better!

Try the demo applications for better clarity

Taking the demo app trial is essential to understand what this application already does and how you can “customize” it! So, take the free trial and note everything that you’d want to change about this app to make it feel like yours!

Sime rebranding or white-labeling the app isn’t enough to speak what your business wants. Therefore,

  • Change the color theme of the application and website.
  • Integrate your preferred currencies, languages, and even payment gateways.
  • Place your company’s name and logo anywhere you want to.

Discuss what you need with the Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for mediating what you need and want directly to the app development team. Therefore, they are the right people to whom you can tell your customization needs.

On top of noting and conveying your needs and requirements to the team, the manager will create a Scope Document for you. This single document contains all the details about your project deliverables and the cost breakdown of the Gojek Clone app package.

app development

Launch the on-demand multi-service app ASAP!

Once you have the apps and other components like website, panels, KIOSK apps, etc., ready for review, do that instantly! Reviewing before launching the apps will help you identify anything that’s lacking, incomplete, or not in line with your liking.

After reviewing them, show a green light to the app development team. They will then move forward with quality assurance and last-minute tests prior to submitting the multi-service app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Voila! Your on-demand multi-service app is ready to be launched on the global platform and rule the industries across the world.


On the concluding note, you must keep your eyes on your peers. Keeping a tab on what the competitors are doing will give you an upper hand when launching your On Demand Multi service Gojek Clone App. Through such tracking and assessment, you will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of your peers, and thus build something extraordinary.  

Are you ready to rule the on-demand multi-service industry? If yes, then get started today!

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