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As the days roll by, the Brave New World seems to be a reality. Technology has become ingrained in our lives. The Gojek clone app uses the potential of smartphones, combines it with the power of the internet and the skillset and expertise of various service providers and presents a single solution for any kind of service related needs that a person might have.

This app is known as the kind of service provider industry. While it is true that the initial inspiration was nothing more than a bike taxi app module, the Gojek clone app version that we see today is the most appropriate set up any and all kinds of on demand business can have.


Before we dive into its benefits for different on demand businesses, let us take a look at the flow of the app.

  1. The user and the service provider download the app and log in to it. They can log in using their social media IDs, their Gmail accounts or even by filling out a form.
  2. Once done, the user can will be able to see the home page of the app that lists all the services available in it.
  3. The service provider will need to fill out additional details such as their expertise, their experience, their pricing etc.
  4. The user can select the service that they are interested in.
  5. Once they do that, they can see the sub categories within the service.
  6. They choose the sub category to reveal a long list of all the service providers registered in the app for that particular service available for the job in their vicinity.
  7. The user can select the service provider based on the details given.
  8. The service provider is notified of the job. She or He can accept or reject the job.
  9. If rejected, the user can send the request to another service provider.
  10. If accepted, the service provider can reach the location of the job and deliver the service.
  11. The User can make a payment through the app to the service provider.
  12. The app automatically deducts its commission and passes on the remainder to the service provider.
  13. The user and service provider can now rate each other.
Gojek Clone 2022


There is another option within the app for the service providers. This is known as the service bidding option. In this option, instead of looking for service providers for the job, the user simply goes ahead and posts his or her requirement on the app. The services providers who offer said service are notified of the job request. Now, they can all bid for the job. The user can now make a selection of who he or she wishes to hire based on their pricing, experience and so on and so forth.


The Gojek clone app offers a pretty unique business model. None of the service providers registered within the app are employees. They are all partners. This means that the app owner does not have to give any one any salary or any employment perks. Instead, the app owner gets a commission each time the app is used to hire someone.

Basically the app is a facilitator. It allows service providers to use their digital platform to sell their services. This is why; for the convenience and the increase in business, the app owner charges a fee in the form of commission to the service provider whenever he or she earns through the app.

The commission can vary from service to service. Obviously, the charges of babysitting will be a lot different from food delivery or even on demand beautician. This is why; the app owner has the independence to set a different percentage of commission for all the services. This percentage of commission can be modified and changed as per the changing needs of the market.


Regardless of whether you are hoping to make a few extra bucks on the side or if you wish to go full bore with the on demand app like Gojek, it is important that you launch this business as soon as possible. The market right now is ready and waiting for a solution like this. There is tremendous demand for a single app based solution for multiple services.

This could be the make or break time of your entrepreneurial dreams. Do a little digging, find out the top companies that build the on demand Gojek clone app and then take a free demo of them all. Make your choice based on the pricing, the returns you are getting for the price and the other services such as white labelling, custom changes, post sale service, bug fixes etc. All the best!

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