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If there is one thing to name that we pride about, it is the sheer quality of service that we provide. We've never shied away from a good challenge, and creating such a noble app was no exception. But we are proud to say that our team of expert developers and designers exceeded expectations. We invite you to examine every detail before buy gojek clone app. But, be warned, it is a large app that will take some time to check everything in great detail. However, you will discover that it was well worth your time in the end.
Gojek User App
  • Multiple Services

    More than 101 on demand Services available in the App like gojek. Easily manageable from the Administrator Control Panel.

  • Easy Payment

    Users can make easy payment securely using Card, cash and in-App wallet.

  • Book Now or Book Later

    User can book the Service instantly or for some later time/ date.

  • Track Job Progress

    The status of the current ongoing Job is displayed on the User's App and users can effortlessly track the Job Progress.

Gojek Driver App
Driver / Service Provider App
  • Upload Documents

    Driver / Service Provider can upload his document online like Experience certificate, driving license etc.

  • Toggle Availability

    Driver / Service Provider can On / Off availability in the App as per their availability.

  • Accept / Reject Job request

    Driver / Service Provider can accept or reject the Job request sent by the nearby user.

  • Track Location

    Once Job is accepted, multi Driver / Service Provider can track the Job location on the Map.

  • Earning History

    Service Provider can view their earning history day wise.

Store / Restaurant order screen

Store App Features

  • Manage Orders

    Store (Restaurant / Grocery Store / Pharmacy Store etc.) can receive the Orders placed by the Users.

  • Toggle Availability

    Store can On/ Off availability as per their availability and can also manage the Store timings.

  • Manage Items

    Stores can manage Store Items and can manage their availability.

  • Delivery Drivers

    Stores can send delivery request to nearby Delivery Drivers for the Items delivery.

Medical Services

Medical Services new service

Our Novel “Medical Service” is fully equipped to address your users medical woes.
Healthcare is one of the booming industry that can make your Uber Rich. People can go to any length when it comes to spending after their health. Our Modern medical service functionality integrated into KingX Pro enables users to schedule appointments with doctors who can come to patients' homes or treat them in clinics. Users/Patients can have a video consultation with a doctor while relaxing in their own home.
In an emergency, users may simply purchase and obtain pharmaceuticals, medicines, and plasma/blood from recognised blood banks. As the owner of the app, you will receive commissions due to the applications' capacity to plan all medical treatments. With our cutting-edge Medical Services Module, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Advanced features of Our Gojek Clone App

    How Our Gojek Clone App Works?

    • The customers are required to register and log in using social media ids/email id or phone number
    • They have to select the category – Taxi booking/ On-demand delivery/ On-demand services from the displayed list.
    • They can choose accordingly. To book the ride, the user has to fill in the pickup and drop-off address and confirm the booking. For other categories, the user will add items/services and add them to the cart.
    • Once done with the selection, the users will place the order
    • The respective taxi/order/services get dispatch and the user can live-track the orders/services through the app
    • They can choose cash on delivery or pay online from the multi service app
    • The users are asked to put reviews and ratings for the services

    FREE On Road Trial Take an Unlimited Duration Demo

    What every entrepreneur wants is to make sure that his or her investment is going in the right place. Well, we understand that as we have worked with clients from across the globe. Having over 1000 live apps in the market built by us today, we are very confident of the quality that we offer. This is why; we do not hesitate to set you up with a FREE demo of the Gojek app clone for an unlimited duration. Simply download the demo app on various devices, start using it from the User and the Service provider angle and test it thoroughly. If you have questions, drop us a line!

    What Makes Our Gojek Clone App The Best In Market?

    While there are hundreds of different multi service on demand apps available in the market, our Gojek Clone app is one of the most sought after multi service platforms around the world. Wondering what makes us so special? Take a look at the 4 most important service offerings we present.

    Get your Local Language and Local CurrencyIn your own Buy Gojek Clone App

    Why should you force your customers to use your app in any standardized language or currency when they can enjoy the comfort of using it in their own local languages! That’s right! We integrate your local language and currency into the app for you. Launching in more than one country? Don’t sweat; we’ve got that under control as well. We can add multiple currencies and multiple languages in the app for you!
    Your Country, Language & Currency are not listed below. Don't worry; we can add those languages and currency in your multi service app.
    Country Language Currency
    Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian rupiah
    Malaysia Malay, Malaysian Malaysian ringgit
    Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese dong
    Thailand Thai Thai baht
    Phillippines English, Filipino Philippine peso
    Singapore Malay, Mandarin Singapore Dollar
    Brazil Portuguese Brazilian real
    Nigeria English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etcc Nigerian naira
    United States American English United States Dollar, Ithaca Hours
    Saudi Arabia Arabic Saudi riyal