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Why will your customers choose you?

The Gojek App started as a simple app connecting bike riders with customers, but soon evolved into a comprehensive platform that provides all the services customers need in one place. Its popularity grew rapidly as it became known for being a one-stop solution.

However, we don't just stop there. Our team of expert app developers and designers have put together a miracle for you which ensures that a single download and a single log-in can get your customers everything ranging from bike rides, to food delivery, to parcel delivery, to on demand services just with a few taps of their smart phones.

No more cluttering your smart phones with individual apps for all services, no more hunkering down the customer with tedious registration forms. Our Gojek clone takes care of it all! Your customers will always prefer you to any other app because you give them an advantage like never before: One App, One Download, One Log in, All Services!

How does the App Work?

There's no other way to put this: This App Is a GIANT! There is a bit of something for everyone in this app. There are primarily 4 parties involved who benefit from this app
  • The User The User

    They can hire from a selection of over 60 services whether it is for a bike taxi, a cab, food delivery, normal parcel delivery or any other on demand service such as beautician, massage therapist, electrician, plumber etc.

  • The Drivers The Drivers

    Drivers aren't restricted to only giving taxi rides anymore. With the help of this app, they can not only offer rides, but also delivery services. What's more, they can also offer any other service based on their expertise in their free time like dog walking service, babysitting, car repair, car wash etc.

  • The Stores The Stores

    Whether they are a grocery store or a restaurant, this app will allow them to grow their sales by providing them with a digital platform. With the help of this app they can access the potential of their clientele digitally as well.

  • The App Owner (YOU) The App Owner (YOU)

    You stand to gain the most from this app without actually having to offer any of the services first hand. The app enables you to earn a commission each time it is used to hire or book any kind of service from its selection of over 60 services! What's more, you get to decide how much commission you want to make per job.

app flow

The Flow of the App

The flow of this unique Gojek Clone app is what makes it successful. The app has been carefully designed by our team of experts who have put in a lot of thought into what will be the ideal usability for your customers. It is simple and effective for everyone involved. Here's how it goes.

Once the customer downloads and logs in to the app, he will be able to see below options:

  • Taxi Booking
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Taxi Rental
  • Store & Delivery
  • On Demand Services

They can select the service that they want and click on it. For example, to book a taxi, they click on ride and are presented with the various riding options such as bike, hatchback, luxury sedan etc. On selecting Parcel delivery, the user can select the type of vehicle they want to use for the delivery of their package based on its weight and dimensions. On Selecting Buy + Delivery, the user will be able to select from a range of store types, such as Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacy Stores, Flower Shops, Bakeries and more. They can select the things they want to buy and get delivered and the package would be on their way. If the user is interested to hire professionals for other services, they click on services and are presented with a list of all the services within the app's purview. All this and more with just a single download!

Market's Most Preferred Handy Clone Script

Building an app as big as this is sure to put a dent in your pockets, not to mention the kind of time that it would take to finally get it fully developed. However, with the help of our ready made, pre built Gojek clone, all you need to is give us a shout out and we'll ready the app for you along with your brand name and logo and launch it for your on the Google Play store and the iOS app store in just a matter of 3 to 4 business days!

We're your partners in this!

We don't believe in simply selling you a product and forgetting about it. We are here for you. We pride ourselves in the dedicated research and market analysis that we put behind building our apps. This is why we don't just give you an app but set you up with an entire system that includes:

  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Website (for information sharing and online booking)
  • Admin Panel

Apart from this, we also have a whole bundle of freebies to offer you! We believe in offering holistic solutions therefore, it is not just the working app, but its entire licensed source code along with the purchase. What's more, our white labeling experts apply your company's color themes to the app aside from integrating the app with the local language and currency of your choice.

Try it first!

Now that we've told you everything that we power pack in to the app for you, it is time for you to take it to the next level by testing it real time. Take a FREE on road live demo of the app. Experience the majestic glory of our expertly designed and developed Gojek clone app in all its practical applications by downloading the demo on your devices and taking a trial run with it on road. If you have any doubts, you can always drop us a line!

This is your chance to make it big in the world of on demand services. Try the app absolutely free and see it for yourself! Contact Us now.