launch app based business to bean covid 19 situation
What’s Holding you Back?

Beat the Covid-19 Situation as you Grow your business with Gojek Clone App

If you are a smart and determined entrepreneur, nothing can stop you. And don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We are with you every step of the way. Our very own on demand multi service app like Gojek is our way of handing over the key to success to you. This is the time when on demand businesses are experiencing a major rise. With the pandemic crippling the economy, you can be the next big hero that helps their country folks get everything that they need delivered to their doorstep while ensuring that you along with the local entrepreneurs can continue to earn and give back to the nation’s economy. The stage is set, the lights are on, and it is your time to shine! Just go for it and dive into this new entrepreneurial horizon and make all your ambitions come true with the help of our powerful and seamless Gojek Clone.

The Gojek Clone App A miracle in your lap

This app is not an ordinary services app. It is one with the potential to skyrocket your business dreams into the realm of reality. If you are wondering whether this one app can ensure that you can profit from over 70 services, then you are correct. But why jump into the dark when you can have a detailed insight in all the services this app is capable of getting you into? Take a dive into the list of various services that this app is equipped to get you a commission from! (*Note – Our Gojek Clone has limited services and is not a 100% clone of Go-Jek.)
  • Taxi Ride App Taxi booking
  • Moto Ride App Moto bike booking
  • Car Rental App car rental booking
  • Moto Rental App Moto bike rental booking
  • Small packages delivery App pacrel / courier delivery service
  • Fly booking service air booking
  • Food Delivery App food delivery
  • Grocery Delivery App grocery delivery
  • Stationary Delivery Stationary Delivery app
  • Pharmacy Delivery medicine delivery app
  • Wine Delivery alcohol delivery app
  • Genie Delivery Delivery Genie
  • Runner Delivery Delivery Runner
  • Babysitting App babysitter on demand
  • Beauty Service App beautician on demand
  • Car Wash App car wash on demand
  • Carpenter App carpenter on demand
  • Cuddling App cuddler on demand
  • DJ App DJ on demand
  • Doctor App doctor on demand
  • Dog Grooming App dog groomer on demand
  • Dog Walking App dog walker on demand
  • Electrician App electrician on demand
  • Fitness Coach App fitness trainer on demand
  • Home Cleaning App cleaning service on demand
  • Home Painting Service App home painting on demand
  • Insurance Agent App insurance on demand
  • Lawn Moving App lawn mowing on demand
  • lawyer app lawyer serice on demand
  • Lock smith app lock smith on demand
  • Maids App maids service on demand
  • Massage App massage therapist on demand
  • Pest Control App pest control on demand
  • Physiotheraphy App physio on demand
  • Plumber App plumber on demand
  • Real Estate Agent App real estate agent on demand
  • Security Guard App security guard on demand
  • Snow Plows App snow plow on demand
  • Tour Guide App tour guide on demand
  • Tow Truck App towing on demand
  • Travel Agent App travel agent on demand
  • Tutor App tutoring on demand
  • Vet App vet on demand
  • Worker App workers on demand
  • Barber App barber on demand
  • Car repair App car repair service on demand
  • Carpet Repairer App carpet service on demand
  • Catering App catering on demand
  • Computer Repairer App computer repairing on demand
  • Fire Fighters App fire fighter services on demand
  • Helpers App Helpers on demand
  • Mechanic App mechanic on demand
  • Mobile Technician App mobile repair on demand
  • Office Cleaning App office cleaning on demand
  • Party Cleaning App party cleaning on demand
  • Lawn Care lawn care app
  • Language Tutor language tutor on demand app
  • psychologist psychologyst on demand app
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair app
  • Translator Translator on demand app
  • TV Repair TV Repair on demand app
  • Yoga yoga instructor on demand app
  • Spa spa on demand app
  • Interior Design Interior Designer
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance app

Mini Gojek Clone 2021 Version New Features

2021 Version New Features of Gojek clone
  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews - Corona Related Feature
  • Ride Cancellation - Corona Related Feature
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually - For Taxi Module
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model - For Taxi Module
  • Store Wise Commission - For DeliverAll Module
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots - For DeliverAll Module
  • Item Name Searching - For DeliverAll Module
  • 18+ Age Confirmation - For DeliverAll Module
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

Foraying into the Magic of Gojek Clone What Is Gojek Clone App and How It Works?

GoJek Clone App is an on-demand multi-service app that integrates 70+ on-demand service offerings under a single app.

If you are looking to venture into an on-demand multi-service business, buying Gojek Clone Script Solution will be the right choice. Our app has a well-thought design keeping in mind the customer-inclined approach. This all-in-one app automates your entire business operation, eliminating the overheads costs.

Gojek like solution comprises all service categories that make your business attractive. Your customers will be extremely happy to find everything under one single app. With customized New Version Features, Gojek Clone App offers a seamless, quick way to order deliveries and services, Gojek Clone App is exactly what your business needs to transform into a complete on-demand service provider.

Our GoJek Clone is a 100% white-label script that empowers your on-demand business while delivering excellent services, it also ensures seamless integration, secure and easier authentication, improved user experience, and have complete control over the business and several monetary benefits to you as an owner, service providers, and the customers. The app is available on IOS and Android both at an economical price package.

How Gojek clone works?

See hereHow it works

  • The customers are required to register and log in using social media ids/email id or phone number
  • They have to select the category – Taxi booking/ On-demand delivery/ On-demand services from the displayed list.
  • They can choose accordingly. To book the ride, the user has to fill in the pickup and drop-off address and confirm the booking. For other categories, the user will add items/services and add them to the cart.
  • Once done with the selection, the users will place the order
  • The respective taxi/order/services get dispatch and the user can live-track the orders/services through the app
  • They can choose cash on delivery or pay online from the app
  • The users are asked to put reviews and ratings for the services

Aspire To Become a Successful Entrepreneur?Expand Your Business Using Super App Like Gojek

Gojek clone has appeared as an iconic business concept these days. As your customers are becoming dependent on their smartphones to obtain their basic needs, entrepreneurs, as well as startups, can shot to fame by building Gojek Clone App which can guide their business successfully and profitably.
Entrepreneurs looking to 2X their profits can integrate services like On-demand taxi bookings, cab rentals, grocery delivery, food delivery, pharmacy, babysitting, handyman services, moto rentals, shuttle services, plumbers electricians, etc. their customers.
With the help of our White-label Gojek Clone App Solutions, you can enter the on-demand market within a week. With new version features, and a scalable interface this multi-service app gives you a wider customer base in a short time. For every service booked you get to earn a commission, offering you a growing income from the app. Launch a super app like gojek; which is already doing wonders in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonasia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and other asian countries.

Getting Stuck?Here's a Video of our Gojek Clone App

We pleased you, this is a big Gojek clone app with many components to it. It took us a while to build and perfect it and that too with a team of world class experts. Don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck anywhere. Here’s an explanatory demo video to help you understand exactly what’s up with the app, how each functionality works and what happens on each screen. It explains the totality of the flow of the app. If you still need any assistance, there’s always our email. Feel free to drop us a feeler.
Gojek Clone App demo video

Explore the True Potential Of our Gojek Clone app

If there is one thing to name that we pride about, it is the sheer quality of service that we provide. We've never shied away from a good challenge, and creating such a noble app was no exception. But we are proud to say that our team of expert developers and designers exceeded expectations. We invite you to examine every detail of our app. But, be warned, it is a large app that will take some time to check everything in great detail. However, you will discover that it was well worth your time in the end.
  • Gojek User App
  • Request Now Screen
  • Common Delivery Screen
  • Restaurant and Store Screen
  • Booking form Website & App

    User can book Service through Website and Application both.

  • Multiple Services

    More than 70 on demand Services available in the App. Easily manageable from the Administrator Control Panel.

  • Easy Payment

    Users can make easy payment securely using Card, cash and in-App wallet.

  • Book Now or Book Later

    User can book the Service instantly or for some later time/ date.

  • Track Job Progress

    The status of the current ongoing Job is displayed on the User's App and users can effortlessly track the Job Progress.

  • Safety Features

    App is loaded with COVID-19 safety features like Contactless Delivery, take Away option, Safety Badges for Stores etc

  • Gojek Driver App
  • Accept Request Screen
  • Slide to begin Screen
  • Collect payment Screen
Driver / Provider App
  • Upload Documents

    Provider can upload his document online like Experience certificate, driving license etc.

  • Toggle Availability

    Provider can On / Off availability in the App as per their availability.

  • Accept / Reject Job request

    Provider can accept or reject the Job request sent by the nearby user.

  • Track Location

    Once Job is accepted, Provider can track the Job location on the Map.

  • Earning History

    Provider can view their earning history day wise.

  • Store / Restaurant order screen
  • Accept Orders
  • Assign delivery driver
  • Current Tasks
Store App
  • Manage Orders

    Store (Restaurant / Grocery Store / Pharmacy Store etc.) can receive the Orders placed by the Users.

  • Toggle Availability

    Store can On/ Off availability as per their availability and can also manage the Store timings.

  • Manage Items

    Stores can manage Store Items and can manage their availability.

  • Safety measures

    Store can follow the Covid-19 safety measures and get the safety badge

  • Delivery Drivers

    Stores can send delivery request to nearby Delivery Drivers for the Items delivery.

Gojek clone demo

FREE On Road TrialTake an Unlimited Duration Demo

What every entrepreneur wants is to make sure that his or her investment is going in the right place. Well, we understand that as we have worked with clients from across the globe. Having over 1000 live apps in the market built by us today, we are very confident of the quality that we offer. This is why; we do not hesitate to set you up with a FREE demo of the Gojek app clone for an unlimited duration. Simply download the demo app on various devices, start using it from the User and the Service provider angle and test it thoroughly. If you have questions, drop us a line!

request demo
Best Startup Award

Proving our mettle each time Our Gojek Clone Application wins the Best Startup Award

The biggest start up competition in Angola awarded our app the first prize! We are very excited about it and just HAD to share the news with you! Our team has been together for a long time. Over the years perfection and hard work has become our nature. Whenever we create an app our focus is completely driven towards ensuring that our clients can benefit from the features and the functionality of our gojek like app.

Our team can be very focused and therefore, we seldom participate in any competition. However, our client from Angola registered for this competition and ended up standing tall with the joy of victory over the success and utility of our app. To share our happiness, check out these pictures!

We would like to congratulate our Angolan partners on this victory!

Vietnam Welcomes Our Team An Exhilarating Experience at Gojek clone Pre Launch Event

Regardless of where you are in the world, our app is the best fit for you. Our team developed and white labeled Gojek clone app recently for a client based in Vietnam and loaded it with all their custom requirements like language, currency, their brand name and logo etc. They were overjoyed at our product and extended an invitation to our team at their pre launch event in Vietnam.

We were very happy to witness the event and be a part of their journey. Our aim is always to ensure our commitment towards the success and happiness of our clients regardless of which country they are based out of. Become a part of our journey by taking a look at these pictures!

Taiwan pre-launch eventfor Gojek Clone
Gojek Clone App pre-launch event

Freebies With the Gojek App CloneAdvanced Features that are Absolutely Free for You in 2021!

If you are like us, you probably like free stuff too! We understand how important getting a little complimentary this and that along with our buys is. This is why; we have put together a beautiful bouquet of top notch features and offer it to you at no additional cost with the app. Take a peek!
  • Lifetime License
    Lifetime License for Your Domain

    Enjoy complete ownership of our brand and your app with the lifetime license that our company provides you with for 1 domain on which the app is launched absolutely free.

  • App Submission
    App Submission on Google Play Store/ iOS App Store

    Don’t worry about getting your app through to the Android or iOS app store, because our team takes care of it. We make sure that the app is not rejected from the app stores owing to any technical reasons.

  • Free App Upgradation
    Free App Upgradation for 2 Years

    We ensure that you can get free gojek clone app Upgradation for 2 years. All you need to do is let us know when you want the upgrades and we will take care of it for you!

  • White Labeling
    White Labeling

    We want your app to be completely owned by you. This is why; we white label the app with your logo and brand name and launch it under your company credentials. We remove any trace of our company from the app.

  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways
    14 Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

    To ensure that your app operates seamlessly across the world, we have already integrated 14 payment gateways within the app. You may choose whichever you wish to work with and you are set!

  • Additional Languages and Currencies
    15 Additional Languages and Currencies

    Break geographical boundaries with the help of our app’s multi language and multi currency option. Choose the languages and currencies of your choice and we’ll activate them on the app for you!

  • Changing the color theme
    Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo

    To establish brand language and recognition, we modify and apply the colors of your company’s brand logo to your app. Not just that, we will also apply your brand colors to your website.

  • 70+ Services
    70+ Services under One Umbrella

    Enjoy the freedom of earning through over 70 different types of services. Each service has been built into the Gojek clone script app. In case you want fewer, you can easily change the settings from the admin panel.

  • Booking Services
    Booking Services through Website, Mobile Application & Phone Calls

    Don’t restrict your users to just the app. We have ensured that your customers can access you through any means necessary, including the website as well as by making phone calls!

Keep your customers safe With Secure Payment Gateways

The biggest issue that customers usually face while using an app is the inconsistency and lack of reliability of the payment modes. We’ve got that covered for you, so you don’t have to worry at all! Take a look at the most trusted and secure payment gateways.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway

Get your Local Language and Local CurrencyIn your own Gojek Clone App

Why should you force your customers to use your app in any standardized language or currency when they can enjoy the comfort of using it in their own local languages! That’s right! We integrate your local language and currency into the app for you. Launching in more than one country? Don’t sweat; we’ve got that under control as well. We can add multiple currencies and multiple languages in the app for you!
Your Country, Language & Currency are not listed below. Don't worry; we can add those languages and currency in your App.
Country Language Currency
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian rupiah
Malaysia Malay, Malaysian Malaysian ringgit
Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese dong
Thailand Thai Thai baht
Phillippines English, Filipino Philippine peso
Singapore Malay, Mandarin Singapore Dollar
Brazil Portuguese Brazilian real
Nigeria English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etcc Nigerian naira
United States American English United States Dollar, Ithaca Hours
Saudi Arabia Arabic Saudi riyal

We’re Happy to Serve You!Each smile shares a story

Our joy lies in your success. The better you do, the happier we are and the faster we grow. While we can sing songs about how much we appreciate this business and technology as a whole, nothing can tell you the authenticity of our joys and pleasures as much as these smiles. Smile with us and undertake the journey of your entrepreneurial success without any hesitation.
  • Client from Taiwan
  • Client from USA
  • Client from Indonesia Visit
  • Client from burma
  • Malaysian client
  • client from Zambia
  • Client Visit from Kazakhstan
  • Client Visit
  • Client Visit
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  • Client Visit
  • Client Visit
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  • Client Visit
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  • Client Visit from Chile
  • Client Visit from Iran
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  • Client Visit from Malaysia
  • Client Visit at BuyGojekApp
  • Client Visit from UK
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  • Client Visit from Nigeria
  • Client Visit from Canada
  • Client Visit from USA
  • BuyGojekApp visiting to Dubai clients
  • Client Visit from Qatar
  • client from Malaysia

Clients SpeakTheir minds on Working with BuyGojekApp

The easiest way to gauge the authenticity and reliability of a company is to take a look at what their existing or past clients have to say about them. Now, we have been completely honest with you about the quality of our work and our enthusiasm to serve you, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say about us!
  • Mr. Vic
    Mr. Vic
  • Mr. Omar A.
    Mr. Omar A.
  • Mr. Fabian C.
    Mr. Fabian C.
  • Mr. Sadeq A.
    Mr. Sadeq A.
  • Ms. Melaine K.
    Ms. Melaine K.
  • Mr. Werema J.
    Mr. Werema J.
  • Mr. Ahmed M.
    Mr. Ahmed M.
  • Mr. Pelson
    Mr. Pelson
  • Mr. Billy K.
    Mr. Billy K.