We take Immense Pride in Successfully Coding and Developing the World's Biggest Super App - KINGX 2022! This Gojek like App is a Profit-Making Machine for Smart Entrepreneurs like you. How so? The Entire Credit goes to its Two Money-Making Business Models - Commission Per Order and Membership Subscription Plans.
Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App offers Useful and Fruitful Services such as Instant Booking of Taxi Rides, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Doorstep Delivery of Food, Groceries, and Medicines. Your Customers can even Request for an Immediate Online Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Tutors, Lawyers, Fitness Coaches and even Psychiatrists! Or they can even Schedule it for a Later Date and Time. Yet Another Remarkable Feature of this Super App is Service Bidding. It is here your Customers can Post Task Details for the Service Requested on our Gojek Clone App and Get Bids in Real-Time from Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, etc. Then, they will choose the BEST BID based on their Budget and Online Ratings of the Handyman! Upon Successful Registration, your Customers can even Activate the Smart Login Feature! And hence, Android Users can Sign-In using their Fingerprints while iPhone Users will need their Face Detection Feature to gain Instant Access.
(*Note - Our Gojek Clone has limited services and is not a 100% clone of Go-Jek.)

  • Ride bookingTaxi
  • Parcel DeliveryDeliver Anything, Anywhere
  • Food and Store DeliveriesFood and Store Deliveries
  • Online Video ConsultationOnline Video Consultation
  • Service BidBid for Services
  • On-Demand ServicesOn-Demand Services
Smooth and Comfortable Taxi Rides View Video

This Component of KINGX 2022 is all about Online Instant Taxi Booking, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, CarPool that Splits the Bill between the Riders and Calling the Admin Dispatcher Panel Directly to Make a Manual Booking! Do you know your Customers can even Book Taxi Rides by simply waving their Hands up in the Air.

Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Deliver Anything From Location X To Location Y! View Video

Your Component allows your Customer to Send Parcels to Single or Multiple Destinations. They can even Hire Professional Personal Shoppers and Delivery Runners to Buy/Pick-Up and Drop-Off Products at the Earliest Possible Time. These Drivers can Deliver Products using their Bicycles, Two-Wheelers, Sports Bike, Cars, Cargo Trucks, etc.

Food and Store Deliveries
Doorstep Delivery Of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Flowers And Even Bottled Water View Video

Your Customers can Now Place Online Orders - Prepaid or Cash from Restaurants, Grocery Marts, Medical Shops and even Florists after viewing their Gallery Pictures. You as an App Owner can even Award Safety Badges of “Follows WHO Advisory” who maintains Highest Standards of Hygiene and Cleanliness!

Online Video Consultation
Need professional advice right this second?
Just video call! View Video

This Amazing Feature allows your Customers to Request for an Instant Online Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Tutors, Lawyers, Yoga Instructors, Psychiatrists and even Astrologers! Seek an Expert Opinion? Why Go Meet In-Person when you can Simply get their Advice Online! And Pandemic has given us this Meaningful Insight!

Bid for Services
Your Customers Can Now Virtually Negotiate Service Charges With Handymen! View Video

This Component enables your Customers to Post Task Details for the Service Requested on KINGX 2022 App and Get Bids in Real-Time from Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, etc. Then they choose the BEST BID based on their Budget and Online Ratings of the Handyman.

On-Demand Services
Your Customers Can Book 52+ Services Using Kingx 2022 View Video

This Component guarantees Quick Delivery of the Services Needed by your Customers. They can Book a Professional Car-Wash Expert, Beauticians On Demand, Massage Therapists, Dog Walkers and even Baby-Sitters! And the List has just begun! All of these Services are Charged on an Hourly Basis. Hand-Pick the Best Service Provider out there after carefully reviewing their Profiles!

go live in 1-2 weeks

Go Live in 1-2 Weeks

We have Delivered more than Thousands of White-Labeled Apps to our Global Clientele in the Last Couple of Years itself in Record 1-2 Weeks! Our Apps Steal the Spotlight Every Single Time because they are Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized with no scope of any Bugs being detected. It is so because all the Bugs that had appeared in the Past have already been Fixed. However, if any Bug does show up, then We will be there to assist you under the Warranty of the Package you have chosen.

We understand this On-Demand Service Delivery Industry Inside-Out! It is so because we have been Successful Every Single Time in Gauging the Market-Sentiment.

Hey, we are Humans too! We understand that you might have a couple of Questions regarding our Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 Super App that is Stacked with all the Post-Pandemic Features! So, Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to us to have an In-Depth Insight into Procedure of App Launch and Setup, Comforting After-Sales Support that includes Free Annual Upgrades, Payment Milestones and even License Terms!

Custom White Label

Gojek Clone Script Includes

One app for all services
Aspire To Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Expand Your Business Using Super App Like Gojek

Gojek clone has appeared as an iconic business concept these days. As your customers are becoming dependent on their smartphones to obtain their basic needs, entrepreneurs, as well as startups, can shot to fame by building Gojek Clone App which can guide their business successfully and profitably.
Entrepreneurs looking to 2X their profits can integrate services like On-demand taxi bookings, cab rentals, grocery delivery, food delivery, pharmacy, babysitting, handyman services, moto rentals, shuttle services, plumbers electricians, etc. their customers.
With the help of our White-label Gojek Clone App Solutions, you can enter the on-demand market within a week. With new version features, and a scalable interface this multi service app gives you a wider customer base in a short time. For every service booked you get to earn a commission, offering you a growing income from the on-demand multi services app solution. Launch a super app like gojek; which is already doing wonders in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and other asian countries.

What’s Holding you Back?

Best Solution to Start your Business with Gojek Clone App in 2022

If you are a smart and determined entrepreneur, nothing can stop you. And don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We are with you every step of the way. Our very own on demand multi service app like Gojek is our way of handing over the key to success to you. This is the time when on demand businesses are experiencing a major rise. With the pandemic crippling the economy, you can be the next big hero that helps their country folks get everything that they need delivered to their doorstep while ensuring that you along with the local entrepreneurs can continue to earn and give back to the nation’s economy. The stage is set, the lights are on, and it is your time to shine! Just go for it and dive into this new entrepreneurial horizon and make all your ambitions come true with the help of our powerful and seamless Gojek Clone 2022.


KingX 2022 Super App

Got Bored of Reading Text? But you Love our White-Labeled Gojek Clone App and want to know more about Each of the 7 Major Components in Detail? Then Watch these Videos! You’ll Find a Summary of how this KINGX 2022 Super App will Make you the Most-Successful Entrepreneur of this Year in the Center-Most Video! And All the Other Videos Encircling this One Comprehensively Talks About All the Seven Components of this World’s Biggest App!

Taxi - Uber like Taxi, Rental & Car Pool
Online Video Consultation for 10+ Services
video consulatation
Bid for 10+ Services in Real Time
bid for 10+ services
On-Demand 50+ Services
on demand 50+ services
parcel delivery
Parcel Delivery - Deliver Anything, Anywhere
store deliveries
Store Deliveries - Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery, etc
delivery genie
Delivery Genie & Runner - Personal Shopper
covid related features
Covid Related Features as per WHO
Getting Stuck?

Here's a Preview of our Gojek Clone App

We pleased you, this is a big Gojek clone app with many components to it. It took us a while to build and perfect it and that too with a team of world class experts. Don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck anywhere. Here’s an explanatory demo video to help you understand exactly what’s up with the app, how each functionality works and what happens on each screen. It explains the totality flow of the on-demand multi services app. If you still need any assistance, there’s always our email. Feel free to drop us a feeler.
best startup award
Proving our mettle each time

Our Gojek Clone Application wins the Best Startup Award

The biggest start up competition in Angola awarded our app the first prize! We are very excited about it and just HAD to share the news with you! Our team has been together for a long time. Over the years perfection and hard work has become our nature. Whenever we create an app our focus is completely driven towards ensuring that our clients can benefit from the features and the functionality of our gojek like app.

Our team can be very focused and therefore, we seldom participate in any competition. However, our client from Angola registered for this competition and ended up standing tall with the joy of victory over the success and utility of our app. To share our happiness, check out these pictures!

We would like to congratulate our Angolan partners on this victory!

launch gojek clone app

Vietnam Welcomes Our Team An Exhilarating Experience at Gojek clone Pre Launch Event

Regardless of where you are in the world, our on-demand multi services app Solution is the best fit for you. Our team developed and white labeled Gojek clone app recently for a client based in Vietnam and loaded it with all their custom requirements like language, currency, their brand name and logo etc. They were overjoyed at our product and extended an invitation to our team at their pre launch event in Vietnam.

We were very happy to witness the event and be a part of their journey. Our aim is always to ensure our commitment towards the success and happiness of our clients regardless of which country they are based out of. Become a part of our journey by taking a look at these pictures!

Freebies With the Gojek App CloneAdvanced Features that are Absolutely Free for You in 2022!

If you are like us, you probably like free stuff too! We understand how important getting a little complimentary this and that along with our buys is. This is why; we have put together a beautiful bouquet of top notch features and and offer it to you at no additional cost with the buy gojek clone app. Take a peek!
  • Lifetime License
    Lifetime License for Your Domain

    Enjoy complete ownership of our brand and your app with the lifetime license that our company provides you with for 1 domain on which the app is launched absolutely free.

  • App Submission
    App Submission on Google Play Store/ iOS App Store

    Don’t worry about getting your app through to the Android or iOS app store, because our team takes care of it. We make sure that the app is not rejected from the app stores owing to any technical reasons.

  • Free App Upgradation
    Free App Upgradation for 2 Years

    We ensure that you can get free gojek clone app Upgradation for 2 years. All you need to do is let us know when you want the upgrades and we will take care of it for you!

  • White Labeling
    White Labeling

    We want your app to be completely owned by you. This is why; we offer white label app with your logo and brand name and launch it under your company credentials. We remove any trace of our company from the app.

  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways
    14 Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

    To ensure that your app operates seamlessly across the world, we have already integrated 14 payment gateways within the app. You may choose whichever you wish to work with and you are set!

  • Additional Languages and Currencies
    25 Additional Languages and Currencies

    Break geographical boundaries with the help of our app’s multi language and multi currency option. Choose the languages and currencies of your choice and we’ll activate them on the app for you!

  • Changing the color theme
    Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo

    To establish brand language and recognition, we modify and apply the colors of your company’s brand logo to your app. Not just that, we will also apply your brand colors to your website.

  • 82+ Services
    82+ Services under One Platform

    Enjoy the freedom of earning through over 82 different types of services. Each service has been built into the Gojek clone script app. In case you want fewer, you can easily change the settings from the admin panel.

  • Booking Services
    Booking Services through Website, Mobile Application & Phone Calls

    Don’t restrict your users to just the app. We have ensured that your customers can access you through any means necessary, including the website (Taxi, Moto, Single Parcel Delivery & Store Delivery) as well as by making phone calls!

  • Stripe
  • Paymaya
  • Zoop
  • iyzico
  • Tyro
  • Trustpay

Keep your customers safe With Secure Payment Gateways

The biggest issue that customers usually face while using an app is the inconsistency and lack of reliability of the payment modes. We've got that covered for you, so you don't have to worry at all! Take a look at the most trusted and secure payment gateways. More Payment Gateways

What Is Gojek Clone App ?

Gojek Clone App is an on-demand multi service Super App that integrates 82+ on-demand service offerings under a single app.

If you are looking to venture into an on-demand multi service business, buying Gojek Clone Script Solution will be the right choice. Our app has a well-thought design keeping in mind the customer-inclined approach. This all-in-one app automates your entire business operation, eliminating the overheads costs.

Gojek like solution comprises all service categories that make your on demand business attractive. Your customers will be extremely happy to find everything under one single app. With fully customized New advanced Features, Gojek Clone App offers a seamless, quick way to order deliveries and services, Multi Services App is exactly what your business needs to transform into a complete on-demand service provider.

Our GoJek Clone is a 100% white-label script that empowers your on-demand business while delivering excellent services, it also ensures seamless integration, secure and easier authentication, improved user experience, and have complete control over the business and several monetary benefits to you as an owner, service providers, and the customers. Buy Gojek clone app is available on IOS and Android both at an economical price package.

Gojek Clone Script

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Gojek Clone?

    The Gojek Clone is an on-demand Super App that brings together more than 82 on-demand multi services in one platform. App Users can use all these multiple servics under one roof.

  • When I purchase an app, how long will it take to launch?

    We only need approximately a week to white label the Buy Gojek app with your logo, brand name, and corporate colors because it is completely ready. After that, we'd like you to check through it and tell us whether it fulfils your expectations. We'll go ahead and deploy it for you after you've given us your permission!

  • How will I be compensated?

    Each moment the app is used to employ a service provider, the app's business model allows you to earn a commission. When a customer pays for a service online, the total amount will be transferred into your account, from which you will have to pay the service provider when they have settled the cash payments they have received.

  • Is it possible to start numerous businesses with only one app?

    We provide you with a licensed copy of the app's source code. This implies that you will be able to establish a business under a single banner or logo for a single purchase.

  • What if I don't want to deploy each of the 82 services at the same time?

    That's Perfectly all right! You are free to hide as many services as you want for as long as you want. You may unhide the services in the admin panel if you wish to create a new service.

  • Is it necessary for me to provide services if I own the app?

    It is entirely up to you! You may use the app to provide service yourself or simply enjoy the commission from all of the other services if you really want to. You may also choose the commission % you want to earn each service.

  • Do I receive the licenced source code for a Gojek clone?

    Yes, we provide licensed Gojek clone source code with all App deliveries.

  • With the Multi Services App, how can I achieve complete white labelling?

    We provide a comprehensive white labelling option when you purchase Multi Services App from us.

  • Is the app source code included in the project delivery?

    Yes, you will only receive licensed App source code when the project is finished. It will not be provided, when the team is working on your project.

  • Is the source code for the On Demand App accessible on GitHub?

    No, we do not make licensed On Demand App source code available on GitHub.

  • What is the cost of Buy Gojek App?

    Please fill out an enquiry form and our sales staff will contact you with all of the information about Gojek Clone App, as well as the price of the app.

  • Is the On Demand Multi Services a native app or a react native app?

    Our On Demand Multi Services App is a Native App that was developed using Java (Android Studio) and Swift (Xcode) technologies. We don't use react native or flutter in our apps.

  • Is there a CodeCanyon page for your On Demand app?

    No, we don't have any apps on CodeCanyon. It is unlawful and a SCAM if you discover someone selling on CodeCanyon or elsewhere. Purchasing such items from these fraudsters is unlawful and can land you in legal trouble.

  • Is the Gojek clone source code available for free download?

    No, it's not available, and if someone tells you otherwise, he's either a scammer or a phisher.

Clients SpeakTheir minds on Working with BuyGojekApp

The easiest way to gauge the authenticity and reliability of a company is to take a look at what their existing or past clients have to say about them. Now, we have been completely honest with you about the quality of our work and our enthusiasm to serve you, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say about us!
  • Client from Taiwan
  • Client from USA
  • Client from Indonesia Visit
  • Client from burma
  • Malaysian client
  • client from Zambia

FREE On Road Trial Take an Unlimited Duration Demo

What every entrepreneur wants is to make sure that his or her investment is going in the right place. Well, we understand that as we have worked with clients from across the globe. Having over 1000 live apps in the market built by us today, we are very confident of the quality that we offer. This is why; we do not hesitate to set you up with a FREE demo of the Gojek app clone for an unlimited duration. Simply download the demo app on various devices, start using it from the User and the Service provider angle and test it thoroughly. If you have questions, drop us a line!

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Gojek Clone Script: Ultimate Multi Services App Solution

Get Your Own Gojek Clone Script Today And Start Your Business in 2022

The face of business has completely evolved in the last few years. With the Corona Virus CoVid 19 Pandemic Outbreak, things further shifted from a call collect based service industry to a delivery based service industry. A 'Collect' based service industry is when a customer has to go to the location of the service provider in order to 'Collect' the service. This service could be in the form of actually receiving the service, such as going to a beauty salon to get beauty service or to simply place an order for collection of a service on a different location at a later time, like hiring a plumber to come home and fix the pipes.

The 'Delivery' based services are those that are customer centric and focus on allowing the customer to procure services from the convenience of their own homes. The customer is no longer expected to collect the service but to enjoy it getting delivered right to their doorstep. This means that with the help of gojek clone app, they can hire a beautician and a plumber both to come and deliver their respective services wherever the client wants them to.

Gojek Clone - On-Demand Multiple Services on Single app

The App like Gojek is an on demand platform that works as a middle ground or a market place where the users and the service providers can come together. This means, that all the service providers can project their services, what they offer, their costs and their expertise on the app, where the user can pick and choose from.

This common market place like facility offered by App allows users to make informed decisions about the service providers that they wish to hire because they can see their pricing, their rating and reviews from previous customers, their expertise and so on and so forth right in the beginning before they actually hire them.

Building The Gojek Clone App in 2022

Even though the name of the app has the word Clone in it, building this app is a big affair. Building this app involves massive research, major analysis of market trends and the flow of the existing app and then of course, tedious rounds of coding, development and design.

It would typically take a team of 18 to 20 people about 2 years to finish building a market ready app of this size. The team involved in building this app would include:

  • The Research Team Believe it or not, research plays and integral part in building a new app that will support businesses. The research team has 2 primary jobs. The first one is to identify market trends, customer behavior and so on and so forth. The other one is to get an in depth understanding of any existing solution that can be a competition to your own app. If there is an existing app based solution similar to Gojek in the market already, the research team finds out all the highlights and hands them over to the development team so that they can assess and build the new app bearing these points in mind.
  • The Development Team This is probably the largest team on the task force as it should be. The development team comprises of Android Developers, iOS developers and web developers who actually create the app like gojek from the ground up by coding it. They take in to account everything that the research and analysis team has brought to them and create a seamless solution for the clients. They have to work hand in hand with the design team to make sure that the app is absolutely perfect.
  • The Design Team The design team has three primary components. While one team works on designing the Android App, the others work on the iOS app and the website that goes along with the application. This team has to work with the development team so that the forma and functionality of the application are in sync with each other.
  • Content Team This team is responsible for creating the content that goes on the apps. While this might initially seem like an unimportant task, there is so much literature accompanying an app that it is almost impossible to work without professional writers.
  • Quality Assessment This team probably has the biggest responsibility. They have to check the app in its totality before finally ensuring that it is okay for the clients. They thoroughly go through every aspect, every element, and every API integration within the app to make sure that the app is absolutely market ready.
Cost of Building the Gojek Clone App

As we have already seen the kind of human resource that is needed in building the app, it might not come as a surprise to you that building this app is an expensive thing to achieve. There are three parts to the costing of building the app.

They are:

  • Cost Of Human Resource Human resource, especially one that is skilled and expert in a particular field such as development and app building is an expensive thing to keep for a long time. As we’ve said earlier, getting an on-demand multi services app ready from the ground up can take anywhere between 18 to 20 months, the cost of keeping the staff on board is a major investment.
  • Development Center and Infrastructure You will need a certain real estate to get the team together and build the app. This place is referred to as the development center. Now, part from the cost of the real estate where you set up your development center, you will also have to think about making sure that you get the best infrastructure to support the development of a great app. Infrastructure, whether it is in the form of the hardware needed for the app development or other generic stuff can also be extremely expensive.
  • Technology Stack We live in a cut throat market. When people look at apps, they want one that is built on the latest of technologies so that it can work hand in hand with their very cutting edge smart phones. This is why; buying the software and the technology stack to prepare an app of this size too can be a very expensive thing.
    On the whole, the costs of building such an app can easily run in to hundreds of thousands of dollar over a period of a couple of years, not to mention the employee benefits and other things that you will have to keep in mind.
Buy Gojek Clone App From Us!

The interesting thing about our app is that we have been through this entire process and already developed gojek clone app for you! The app is in an absolutely market ready state so, not only do you not have to worry about waiting for a couple of years to get your dream project up and running, it also ensures that you can avoid spending boat loads of money on it and simply get your own on demand multi service based business solution in just 7 business days!

Our Transparent Process

We believe in staying honest to our craft and true to business. This is why; we have come up with a simple and efficient business process that allows our clients to get what they want easily and without any ambiguity.

Let us take a ride alongside the process of purchasing and launching your very own Gojek Clone Script from us.

  • The first Step Discovery and Query The first step is to discover that this is the right app for you. In this step, we encourage our clients to inform us of their actual business needs along with the region where they are planning to launch the app , their budget, the expanse and scale at which they are planning to launch the business and so on and so forth. Based on this information, we raise a query from the client’s end, which is addressed in an email with all the pertaining answers.
  • Demo and Trials While we are preparing the scope and the outline of the requirements presented by the client, we set them up with a free demo of the app. This demo is not like a tutorial but a live experience of using the final app. The clients can download this app on their devices, both android and iOS to make sure they know exactly what they are investing in.
  • Study and Discuss Once they have gone through the demo and have read the scope and emails shared with them, the client can take as long as they like to study our proposal and discuss it with us in case they need to add or remove anything.
  • Get Set Go After settling everything and going through with the purchase, we get going with the process of white labeling for the app. White labeling is the process using which we remove any trace of our log and brand name from the application and add your logo and brand name every where. We also re skin the app to match your brand colors and add your choice of local language and currency to it based on where you are planning to launch it.
  • Approval Post the process of white labeling the app like gojek, we share it with you on our servers so that you can give us your final approval. If there are any changes you would like such as reducing the size of your logo or placing it somewhere else, even at this stage, we would be happy to make them for you and await your approval.
  • Launch and Handover After you approve, we go ahead and launch the app for you on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store for you. We also provide you with the source code of your application for your domain after the launch of the app.
Gojek Clone App: Your Chance To Succeed!

This is the biggest opportunity in your hands. Don’t let it slip by. The whole world is migrating towards simpler solutions that can cater to all their requirements. With a single app that only requires users to download it once and log in to it once, you can now monetize the entire on demand multi service industry.

Investing in a business so big can be a bit intimidating at first. But we are here to guide you through out the process. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have over 9 years of experience in building and launching apps of the on demand nature. We understand the market, its pressures and its trends.

In order to ensure that the process of procuring and launching these apps are an absolute breeze for you, we assign a dedicated project manager to you who becomes the single point of contact for every communication that you have for him. No one passes the baton from one place to another to ensure that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.

We pride ourselves on being the top company in the whole world in On Demand App based business who always puts customer satisfaction first. We work hard to better ourselves and the technology around us so that we can play our part in changing the shape of the on demand multi business based apps and their acceptance in the market.

Reach Out To Us Now!

If you need more information regarding the app, have any query, or need any more information regarding the business, other on demand apps, or the market fluctuations in general, feel free to drop us a line. And, if by any chance you are visiting India, do drop by to our development center. We would love to have a cup of coffee with you and show you around the place, get you to meet our team and make you a part of our journey!

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