gojek success

What is Gojek success story? Gojek is a popular go-to mobile app for people in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. It is also called a super app because it allows users to book a range of services such as food delivery, tickets, logistics, transportation, and more

Do you want to build a similar on-demand marketplace? Well, if you want to launch a Gojek Clone with multiple services in Indonesia, here are some business insights you must read before taking another step towards app development.  

However, before that, let’s take a quick fact-check about the Gojek app. Well, put on your seat belts because these will leave you stunned for sure. Plus, an overview of the marketplace!

Multi-Service Marketplace Overview

An online platform where several individual professionals and business owners come together to offer their services and products to users is known as a multi-service marketplace.

For instance, Gojek is an Indonesian-originated marketplace where various individual service providers like taxi drivers, store owners, etc., register themselves. Then, they can accept and reject requests from users and offer their services.

The Gojek Clone app allows providers to offer their services to users whereas customers can easily find whatever they need with just a click.

Gojek Success – Shocking Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are some things you should know about the original Gojek app before you start building a clone for the same.

Knowing these facts will help you know how big Gojek is and that you too can attain such success by launching a super app like Gojek.

  1. This single app offers 20+ products like payments, business, entertainment, news, food, shopping, and more.
  2. It is a Decacorn – a private firm that exceeds the valuation of $10 billion.
  3. The app has been downloaded more than 190 million times as of 2020 statistics.
  4. They have a record of allocating drivers to approximately 180,000 live orders.
  5. The app incorporates 900,000 food merchants.

Haven’t these facts encouraged you to develop a Gojek Clone and start a multi-service business in your region and beyond?

Sure, they did!

When thinking about starting an on-demand multi-service business, also consider what the original Gojek did to make it big.

Business Wisdom to Gain from the Indonesian Gojek App

Do you want to build a super app that rules the service industry in your region? Well, you must learn some actionable insights from the super app itself.

Use customer data to make important business decisions

Data is one of the most useful things when it comes to running a business! You can use the data to make key business decisions. For instance, here is how this data can turn out to be useful –

  • Which areas have higher demands?
  • Which merchants are making more business – restaurants/pharmacies/salon experts, etc.?
  • Which is the most preferred payment method?
  • Should commission rates be increased?

Well, these are just a few examples.

However, the key to making the right business decisions relies on your business’s ability to search for relevant data. Also, a great portion of your success also depends on how you make calculations, analyze the results, and then make conclusions for your Gojek Clone.

Be open to adopting new technologies

When building a new app for your business that is modern and futuristic, you must always remain open to adopting new technologies.

The latest technologies can help you grow exponentially. Moreover, if you want to become better and grow faster, you will need to adopt new technologies no matter what.

Well, by launching the Gojek Clone app, one can easily get their hands on the market’s fresh features and technologies. The super app is similar to Gojek, but it offers something much more incredible such as –

  • 101+ services to offer one single app.
  • Trending features like bidding, online payment, login with biometric authentication, live tracking, SOS button, etc.

The app also has an interactive user interface!

Moreover, buying a ready-made solution for starting a multi-service business just like Gojek is a lot more affordable. Plus, it saves you a lot of time that otherwise would be spent on building the app from scratch.

Advantages of Gojek Clone Multi-service Marketplace

Here are some of the advantages of owning an online marketplace that offers 101+ services.     

More demand

Post-pandemic, people started ordering everything online. Whether booking taxis online, ordering food, booking online video consultations, bidding for service, etc., people want everything right at their fingertips.

And, that is what apps like Gojek offer them!

No need to manage inventory or shipping

To run an online multi-service marketplace, you only need one thing, that is, an ultra-modern mobile app.

Individual providers will then register themselves and start offering their services. This eliminates the need to build or rent a warehouse and manage inventory.

For example, a local supermarket signs up on the Gojek Clone. They can now accept online orders, and get them delivered to their user’s doorstep with the help of registered delivery drivers on the app.

Easy customer reaches

An online service platform is much easier to launch plus gives excellent customer reach. Unquestionably, it is better than running a retail business!

There are billions of smartphone users in the world and all you need to do is get more downloads!

Tips to Build a Profitable Multi-service Marketplace

If you want to launch a perfect online marketplace, follow these tips!

Conduct in-depth market research

The first step is to discover what issues need to be addressed. Since we are discussing the on-demand multi-service app marketplace, one still has to explore the needs of the local audience.

  • Understand what pain points can be resolved with your Gojek Clone app.
  • How can you make service booking easier?

Choose a beneficial business model

Another important aspect of building an online marketplace is that you need to choose a suitable business model.

When developing the on-demand Gojek-like app, make sure that you select the business model that works best for you. You can either select the commission-per-service model or membership subscription plans.

Provide the best customer service

Using an app like Gojek, you can provide a positive user experience and eventually, earn more profits.

For instance, with the chat bot system, you can offer quick responses to complaints or queries. With the Gojek Clone app book now and book later feature, you can allow users to choose service booking whenever they want.

Also, with in-app push notifications, you provide personalized messages for users and update them about their bookings, upcoming sales, discounts, and more.

Summing Up:

The original Indonesian Gojek app is a true inspiration for entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the on-demand service industry.

It integrates incredible services and features as well! If you want to launch a similar application for your business too, it is the right time to place the order for your own Gojek-like app solution.

Well, it is understood that building an online multi-service marketplace is a tedious task, time-consuming, and also a money-splurging process.

Why take the complicated business process into your hand when you can find the best experts? A white-labeling firm can help you build the most perfect Gojek Clone app using which you can run a multi-service business without hassles.

Contact experts today to get your hands on the demo app links for the app.