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Dear entrepreneur, if you are reading this, you are probably here to learn about the market’s new buzz term – the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023. The blog talks about its most amazing service components that your customers will love. From the convenience of transportation, getting groceries, consulting with a doctor, selling & buying homes, and tracking family members, this app can do it all! 

The primary aim of this app is to provide your users with the comfort of booking multiple services from a single app. 

By downloading this app just once, your users can easily access various services such as taxi booking, deliveries from stores, and on-demand professional services. Additionally, they can book online video consultations, do service bidding, send parcels, and hire delivery Genie and Runner. 

Wait, that’s not all. 

Unique Services of Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 

The previously mentioned services are only a handful of the many services. Apart from them, your users will be able to enjoy accessing the following services with just a few clicks on the app. 

Buy, sell, & rent real estate 

With this Gojek-like on-demand app, real estate can be bought, sold, and rented online by your users. Users who want to sell or rent out their properties can easily find and connect with genuine buyers/renters. All they need to do is list the details of the property they wish to sell.

To attract leads, property owners can upload multiple images and videos of their residential apartments, showrooms, godowns, industrial buildings, etc.

Buy, sell, & rent cars 

The registered app user can purchase, sell, or rent used cars like SUVs, hatchbacks, luxury cars, sports cars, and so on. Users need to post the listings for vehicles they want to sell or rent out and provide images/videos of the car as well. 

Interested buyers or renters can then view the details and images of the car and get in touch with the owner by sending an Inquiry Form via the app. 

Buy, sell, & rent general items 

Purchasing, selling, and renting furniture, lawn & garden tools, electronics, and other general items online are now possible with Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023.

While posting the listing on the app, the user needs to provide all the essential information about it like the age of the item, condition, material, price, etc. 

Car Pool 

Also with this app, your users can easily book and share long-distance rides. A user traveling between cities can post the ride details on the app. Other users can book the seats in the car if they wish to carpool to the same place.

The user who wants to reserve a seat and share the trip can find the ride by entering the starting and ending points of the journey. Well, every ride listed between the entered X to Y locations will be displayed on the app. 

Users can now compare them and book the ride. 

On-demand medical services 

The KINGX PRO 2023 app also enables its users to book on-the-go medical services within a few clicks.

Under this component, your users can book an ambulance, order medicines from nearby pharmacies, and schedule an online video consultation with a medical expert. 

They can also set up a visit with their pet’s veterinarian and book an appointment at the doctor’s clinic. 

And, in just a few minutes of placing the order or booking the service, medical assistance will arrive at your user’s doorstep. 

Track family members & employees

Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023, the super app also makes it easy for your users to track the location of their family members and employees in real-time. By linking the user and the tracking app, the service can be initiated. 

Now, your users can keep a track of the security of their close ones and the productivity of their employees working in the field. 

Explore nearby businesses 

Users who want to explore cafes, malls, gyms, libraries, salons, spas, and other businesses near them can also use this super app

The user can enter their current location and begin looking for different businesses near them. 

They can also view additional details, call them, find the business on the map, place orders online, and schedule a taxi to the location. 

In Conclusion: 

Isn’t the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 and its 101+ services amazing? 

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