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The Gojek clone app is the biggest thing in the multi service world in the present time. Anyone who is connected to this industry is aware of the advantages associated with the Gojek clone script and the way it can help people get more bang for their buck.

However, with modern technology pooling in everyday, it has become clear that more and more people are investing in adding new and modern features to the app. If you too have been on the look out for the latest version of the Gojek clone app, also sometimes referred to as the King X version of the 2022 Gojek clone app, but don’t know what to look out for, then here’s a list of the new stuff that you should be looking for.

While it is important to understand the new additions to the app, a quick review of everything that the app had earlier might be beneficial. So, here’s a list of all the components of the previous versions of the Gojek clone app.


The Gojek clone app is a multi service on demand mobile app that offers access to over 70 different types of services. However, it might get really cumbersome for the users to find out the service from within the multitude of these services. That is why; these services have been categorized in 4 broad categories.

  • Online taxi booking service

This part of the app works in a similar fashion to the uber clone app. users can click on this option and then hire a taxi.

  • Delivery services

This is the section of the app that allows the users to enjoy seamless deliveries. There are further sub categories within this section. They are:

  1. Parcel Delivery Services: this section allows users to send across parcels of any size, weight and dimensions from one place to a single destination or to multiple locations.
  2. Shop based purchase and delivery: this is the section that allows users to make sure that they can purchase items from stores and then get them delivered to their doorstep. For example, people can order food, buy groceries, shop for items such as pharmaceutical goods and so on and so forth from the app directly.
  3. Service Providers for hire: this section allows users to hire service providers of different types directly from the app. These services include things like on demand doctor, on demand beautician, on demand nurse, on demand electrician, on demand plumber, on demand maids and so on and so forth.


We’ve already seen the stuff that adorned the Gojek clone app earlier. Now, let us move on to the new features that make the app all the more exciting.

  1. Online consultation: This is the section of the app that now allows users to make sure that instead of visiting specialists or getting them to pay you a visit, they can simply consult with them online by means of chat or video conferencing. Experts such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and trainers can all be consulted through this method.
  2. Service Provider Bidding: Under the old app’s features, the users would have to choose the service providers based on their listings. However, the new feature also allows them to go about it in a different way. They can now choose to make sure that they simply put up their job requirement on the app. Service providers who are in the vicinity and interested in the job can bid for the job. The user can now select the service provider based on the price that they have quoted for these services.
  3. Delivery Genie: this too is a very interesting feature of the King X 2022 version of the Gojek clone app for 2022. Using this feature a user can hire a delivery rune to make sure that they can take care of errands such as picking up the laundry, collecting their lunch or other such chores.
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The Gojek Clone App has been one of the most important break through in the on demand mobile app based service provider industry. This is why more and more number of entrepreneurs have spent their time and energy in pursuing this app for their business.

With the influx of modern technology, the Gojek clone script latest version, the King X 2022 has made the app even better and more popular amongst the people. If you wish to make the most of this app, then this is the right time for you to invest in it and to grow your business.

The only thing that you must take care of when pursuing this application is to make sure eth at you only purchase it from a reputed on demand mobile app development company with at least 8 to 10 years of experience in launching and building on demand apps. Try to take a demo of the app before hand so that you know exactly what you are putting your money in. It will also benefit you to talk to some of the previous clientele of the company so that you have an idea about the professionalism of the organization that you are buying your Gojek clone script from.

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