Gojek Clone App

Would you prefer that users limit their use of your app to placing orders for different services related to their daily needs? Do you want your app to be known for providing quick and convenient services? You are on the appropriate page if “Yes” to either of these questions.

You may pass the benchmark by using Gojek Clone App to support these responses and more.

The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” is certainly familiar to you. And the unexpected good news is that you may test the cliché by running a firm where a single app offers 101+ different services to your clients.

The goal of Gojek Clone is to leverage technology to address problems that we face every day.

Introducing the Latest Advancement In Features

Offering medical services at the fingertips

A great profitable feature that enables your users to schedule doctor appointments in person or at their clinic, the patients can schedule video chat sessions sitting from the comforts of their homes.

In an emergency, your users will be able to order an ambulance with a few clicks or get pharmacy items delivered to the doorstep, medications, and plasma or blood transfusions from recognized blood banks to be delivered to a hospital room.

Additionally, you as the app owner will earn a sizeable commission on all medical services booked through the On Demand App. In short, this cutting-edge Medical Services Module promises to put your company one step ahead of your competitors.

Quick and easy logins – Face ID/ Fingerprint

Users with Android devices can Log in with their fingerprints, but iPhone users must use Face ID. After completing the KINGX 2022 User App registration process, customers must first enable the Smart Login Feature! Users can sign up with their social media accounts, such as Google or Facebook.

Offer Apple User book Taxis with the iWatch App

This feature, one of the more well-liked ones, will help your taxi booking business. This feature improves the functionality of the iWatch, a popular gadget that many people own. Without taking their iPhones out of their pockets, passengers may use their Apple Watch to plan a taxi ride.

Service Bid

Your users can get in touch with the largest network of On-demand services to get your chores done. The user can post their requirements and the service provider in the region shall send the bid accordingly. The user chooses the bidder by looking at their work history, budget, ratings, etc. Thus, can get their chores done in just a few taps.

Schedule Video Consultation

The online video consultation module allows your users to communicate with a range of service specialists, including physicians, attorneys, legal advisors, teachers, and fitness instructors. With this app, you can have video conversations with actual people on your Apple or Android phone. You can quickly schedule a private video call with a reputable service provider.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed in the article above, having an app like Gojek can assist you in expanding and growing your business in several ways.

If you think it will be expensive and labor-intensive to create a Gojek clone app, there is an alternative.

Invest in the Gojek Clone Script Solution, which comes pre-built with licensed source code and enables you to publish the app in 7 business days. You can buy the Gojek Clone Script from a trustworthy app development company that supplies White-label app solutions and has years of experience delivering on-demand apps in stores.

An affordable cost structure can be found on apps like Gojek Scripts. The only thing left to do is speak with the company and make a request.

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