Gojek Clone App

Smart mobile apps are the next-level apps that tackle modern problems with the greatest efficiency. Smart apps are fueling the digital world and how most people get their chores done. These apps aren’t just an amalgamation of high-tech features and hefty software but something that adds more value to your customer’s life. For instance, the Gojek Clone App!

Why Gojek Clone 2023 is called a Smart App?

A smart app gathers useful insights and helps businesses to enhance the user experience. Most often, they are connected with the perks of automation!

On top of that, these apps also function well on smart wearable devices like iWatch. Unquestionably, they are a part of the digital evolution and people are going crazy for them!

Cutting the chase, let’s look at some of the reasons why this app is smart and most importantly, a heart winner.

It has multiple services

This single application has everything that a customer needs. From booking a taxi to selling a property, tracking family members, or hiring a home cleaning professional, this app can do it all!

And, the best part is that your customers only need to install the Gojek Clone App 2023 just once!

Integrates ultra-modern features

The app integrates advanced features that enable customers to make easy bookings, track them online, share their honest feedback, and more.

These features make your app more valuable and make your services much more convenient for customers.

Works on iWatch

With the Gojek-like app, you also get the perk of offering taxi booking services on the iWatch app to your customers.

Apart from booking a taxi from smartphones, customers who use an iWatch can also book the service on a run from their watch.

Gojek Clone App 2023 and Its Newly Added Services

As already mentioned, this app offers multiple services. Your customers can get on-demand deliveries, and on-demand services, book online video consultations, get bids for handyman services, hire professionals, send parcels, etc.

KingX Pro 2023

YES! All through just this app.

But, to make the platform more exciting for your users, it now has seven new service components that no one can resist.

Buy and sell real estate

Your users can list commercial and residential properties online to generate genuine leads. Buyers can compare the properties and find a suitable choice for them on the app.

And, to take the deal further, they can instantly connect with the sellers via the in-app call or message feature.

Buy, rent, and sell general items

Gojek Clone App 2023 allows users to buy, rent, and sell general items like mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, etc.

And, the buyers can search for the items they want, see the details, and if they like it, proceed with connecting with the seller.

Buy, rent, and sell cars

Just like buying, renting, and selling general items, users can also list their cars for a price if they want to generate leads on priority.

The buyers can see these featured listings on top of others and if they like the deal, they can call or message the seller.

Track family members

The app allows users to track their family members in real-time via the app. Any school/organization that offers transportation services to a facility can register itself on the app and the students or employees.

Once the registration is done, family members can set up their profile and start tracking their close ones’ live location while they are on the school bus or staff vehicle!

Nearby Businesses

This service component allows users to search for any nearby business on Gojek Clone App 2023. Moreover, they can know other details of the business as well such as its timings, discounts & offers, etc.

Also, they can book a taxi to the business’s address or order food from there in just one click!


The users can list a ride they are taking from one city to another in their vehicle. Well, if they have empty seats in their vehicle, they can offer other passengers who want to commute to the same destination a seat for a fair price.

This way, they can share the cost of the journey! Moreover, the passenger can find an easy ride to the destination for a competitive price.

On-demand medical services 

Here, your customers can book emergency medical services like an ambulance, order medicines, order blood/plasma from nearby blood banks, etc. from this app.

Moreover, they can book an appointment with a doctor, schedule an online video consultation, and much more.

In Conclusion:

To put it simply, this is the best business solution for you if you want to launch your own app in just 1 – 2 weeks!

Isn’t the Gojek Clone App 2023 smart? Well, the on-demand multi-service app has several modern features, a user-friendly interface and it’s quick!

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