Owning an All-In-One Service App seems an interesting entrepreneurial idea. But, what comes forth ideation is planning, building, and implementing it. Once you have planned on conquering the market with your business idea, it is time to build a  Gojek like App. To conceive the process of starting your App, you first need to pick one of the two simple yet knotty options:

1.   Buy a Ready-Made Gojek Clone App from an Experienced White Label Company

2.  Create the App from scratch by hiring a bunch of Experts

In simple words, the job is tough, but with the right people and material, you can kick start your very own business within a few ticks of the clock.

gojek clone app

Buy the Pre-Built Gojek Clone App

Owning an App for a high-rising on-demand service industry carries a bundle of fortune. Buying a Pre-Built Mobile Application from a Licensed White-Label Company is very convenient, economical, and earns you hefty Profits. These companies stock Multiple Pre-Built Features. You can customize the App and launch it within a week. To break into the top of your niche, add a Unique Selling Point to sell your services quickly and smoothly.

Why choose to buy from a Professional White-Label Company? They offer a range of dynamic services included within the Packages they offer. You can choose to buy any Package that fits your wallet. In addition to not paying extra for any other facility, you get the benefit of earning since day 1 of the application launch. Moreover, an experienced White-Label Company hardly takes four business days to rebrand a popular clone app.

Building Gojek Clone App from Scratch

There is no doubt in accepting that you get complete control over designing and coding the application. However, when you dive into the process, you come face-to-face with the real challenges of building a Clone App. There are several categories that you can offer in your App such as Food And Grocery Delivery, scheduling with a Doctor, Taxi Booking, Parcel Delivery, and even Spa Or Masseuse Booking. To grow as a Super App, you can offer more than 70 services on the platform. And if you aspire to do that without an experienced White-Label Company, you need to be a little cautious.

Although it seems a feasible option to offer multiple services with just one App, young Entrepreneurs may fear the threat of a cash crunch. You need essential App Development components along with a dedicated workforce to build a perfect powerful Clone App. The list of Essential App Development Components includes:

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Store App
  • Admin Panel
  • A website to enable customers to book services without installing the App

Besides these basic components, you need well-trained and qualified professionals to build the App for you.

Enlisted here are the Experts you need to hire and support financially thought the development duration:

  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developer
  • PHP Expert
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Quality Assessment Expert
  • Project Manager

The cost of building an App similar to Gojek doesn’t end here. Apart from all these requirements, you have to bear the cost of infrastructure, the latest software, and much more. Building an app and launching it might cost you a minimum of a quarter of a million dollars. Talking about the timeframe of the development process, it will take at least 7-8 years for a young Entrepreneur and dozens of other experts to build a Powerful on demand multi service app. Additionally, you will need six months for beta testing. No App is made perfect for the market in just the first attempt itself. So, take a couple of years extra to build and launch a perfect App for the market.


Use the mentioned information to make an informed decision about how to start your very own Gojek like App. But, being a young Entrepreneur means you cannot wait for 7-8 years to launch your unique service app. This is where you need to get in touch with us. Our team of Industry Experts has already built a Gojek Clone App for you so that you don’t have to face the wrath of time in this high-demand industry.

Need an App without waiting too much? Need to earn fast cash from day 1 of App launch by sitting comfortably in your home? Then, Contact us right now because we can launch your app in just a business week. 

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