About The Gojek Clone

The demand for apps is ever-growing to show no signs to stop. For every task, there is an app. No wonder, entrepreneurs want to develop on-demand apps. Out of all, Gojek Clone Multi-service App is one of the most preferred choices in the business world.

All in one service app simplifies the need of the customer serving over 60+ multiple services, deliveries, and mobility solutions under one app.

Building a Multi Service App can be highly beneficial to entrepreneurs. Let us explore the benefits ofthe Gojek Clone App.

Hassle-free to manage

The Clone App eliminates the need for hiring resources thus cutting down the cost. The Admin dashboard panel provides a “God’s Eye” view, allowing the Admin to keep a tab on every activity on a real-time basis. The panel allows managing the profiles of the users, and drivers, transparent with the payment calculations, generates feedback automating the entire process.

Generate more revenue

This multi-service app allows Admins to generate more revenue from multiple streams of income. The primary revenue is generate from the listed categories of the service providers, independent professionals service providers, delivery drivers, and so on. The app lets you know which service is performing low and which one is demand thus based on that can make changes to generate more profits.

Less spending on maintenance

Ideally, every on-demand app will require maintenance so that it functions smoothly, offering a hassle-free browsing experience to the users. The Gojek clone script is built on scalable technology thus can accommodate the growing demands anytime in the future. This saves a huge investment benefitting the entrepreneur from spending.

The Revenue Model of Gojek Clone Model Includes         

With Gojek Clone Multi Service App you can scale up your business profits by leveraging

Commission from the service providers

You can charge a fix percentage of the amount from the service provider who wishes to get list on the app. This way they also get benefits by highlighting their services to the wider customer base.

Charges on every delivery/services booked

This is one of the lucrative ways to earn more profits. Every delivery /service book through an app can be charge as a commission. The fee can be based on the minimum order, based on the distance, or any.

Commission from the delivery drivers

Here the delivery drivers are charge a certain percentage of commission for accepting the request through the app. This type of revenue model is highly beneficial as there is no limit to earning delivering the services.

3rd Party Banner Ads

Leveraging 3rd party banner ads on the Gojek Clone App is another way to boost revenue. Running ads on the top corners where it is easily visible ensures increased business leads.

Wrapping Up

Gojek Clone App is the one-stop solution for customers looking to use multiple services. They won’t have to download 10 different apps, making the Gojek Clone app sufficient. In the same way, it is the most preferred choice of entrepreneurs today when it comes to developing an on-demand app. All you need to do is collaborate with an app development company to build customized white-label Gojek Clone Script.

Take the demo, read the testimonials, know the success rates of launching on-demand apps before you make the purchase. Since it is built on an open-source code it is 100% customizable, ready to launch in few days.

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